The first thing that came in this house with the name of intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners were, but increasingly, companies are introducing more and more technological devices dedicated to home: lighting, thermostats, furniture or anything you can think of with clever name.

It seems that walked into the smart home, with gadgets to provide us tasks and integrate connectivity in all kinds of tasks in line mainly with our smartphone.

Starting with the sensors, this year presented his Xiaomi range of sensors for smart home. These sensors monitor and control the light, movement, temperature, send notifications to the phone and activate the devices. For example if they detect movement could turn on a security camera or air conditioning on a hot day, and warn if the doors or windows are open.

The smart thermostats such as ECOBEE monitors temperature and lets you manage it from your smartphone, the creators estimate that use can be up to 20% energy saving.


It also lets you remotely activate in advance so that when you get home you come across the ideal temperature. Bosch temperature sensors are also one of the best options to control from your smartphone.

For music lovers there are several solutions of systems of multi-room hi-fi audio. You can set from 1-16 by home wireless speakers that are heard simultaneously. They are controlled with the smartphone and are compatible with almost all streaming music services. The proposed LG is one of the most interesting.

Furniture charging the phone induction is another novelty presented by IKEA in the area of the connected home and can found on the blog that is dedicated to the subject.

Family health is one of the aspects you want to cherish from HugOne, a sleep monitor that through a small sensor that is placed on the bed each sends information to a mobile device dream analysis, seeking to find the best hours waking and pleasant dreams.

If you are thinking to take a good tea as soon as you get home entrust iKettle boil water or heat remotely from your smartphone.

You can set a schedule to do it automatically and you can keep warm or choose specific temperatures for different types of tea water.

In the field of lighting is also noteworthy systems with 4 different environments Phillips, the Phoenix Hue allowing you to choose between light energy, concentration, reading and relaxing.

Like all other gadgets, feature alerts, notifications and automations.

It seems a fact that our house of the future integrated connectivity growing, but after all … is it worth being so permanently connected?

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