The Importance of Window Screen Maintenance and Replacement

Window Screen Maintenance

Window screens need to be kept clean to function correctly. Dirty screens allow flies, mosquitos, and other pests into your home.

They also contaminate the indoor air you breathe, spreading dust throughout your home when opened. Maintaining your window screens regularly will extend their lifespan.

Reduced Energy Bills

Keeping window screens in good condition prevents pests from entering your home and helps with indoor air quality. Regular cleaning and maintenance tasks such as removing window screens in winter can help you keep your windows looking their best and functioning optimally, delaying the need for costly repair or replacement projects down the line.

Depending on the screen material and frame type, you may save money by rescreening instead of replacing your entire window or door screen. Rescreening involves repairing only the screen mesh while replacing consists in changing the whole frame and screen material.

The price of labor for window screen replacement depends on region and travel costs, so it is essential to find a local mobile screen replacement professional who can offer competitive prices. A pro will usually charge extra for working at high elevations.

Increased Home Value

The simple act of cleaning your window screens regularly can improve the curb appeal of your home. Cleaning window screens can also help deflect rainwater, particularly for homes with wood-clad windows and sidings. Dirty, torn, or damaged window screens can leave gaps which are attractive entry points for insects and rodents.

Well-maintained, functioning vinyl windows offer insulation against extreme temperatures. This helps protect your home’s interior and reduces your energy bills.

Keeping your window screens clean regularly can also improve the air quality inside your facility. Pollen, dust, and mold spores tend to collect on window screens and can be blown back into the facility air when you open your windows. Dirty window screens can contaminate your HVAC filters which can cost money to keep your facility in top-quality condition.


In the long run, window screen maintenance and replacement are cost-effective to keep bugs out and fresh air in. If you store your screens in the winter and properly clean them before reinstalling them in spring, they can last for many seasons.

Minor damage to a window screen can mean the difference between keeping pests out and paying to repair or replace it. Professionals also charge less to rescreen windows using existing frames than to replace the entire structure and screen. However, rescreening requires precise measurements, realigning the window’s spline, and ensuring the frame is sealed correctly. Additionally, labor prices vary depending on where the window is located and how difficult it is to work in. This includes working at high elevations, which carries more risk and costs than working on a lower level.

Increased Curb Appeal

Window screens, if maintained regularly, protect you from pesky bugs and rodents. They also block harmful UV rays from entering your home and allow fresh air ventilation.

Dirty window screens, however, can trap dirt, dust, and sand. They may even attract pollen and mold, reducing the overall beauty of your home. On the other hand, a clean screen is a breath of fresh air that will brighten your home and improve its curb appeal.

Regular window screening maintenance and replacement are essential to selling your house. Real estate agents know that dirty and damaged windows often turn buyers off. If you need more time to sell your home, cleaning your window screens twice a year is enough to keep them in good shape. Many on-site screen companies will also visit your house and maintain them for you.

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