How is Carpet Cleaning Done

carpet cleaning

The use of carpet allows you to ennoble the interior of the room. This flooring looks very stylish, and most importantly, it is characterized by practicality and durability of use. However, laying carpet is not enough. The coating must be regularly looked after, and one of the obligatory care items is the periodic dry cleaning of the carpet, carried out on its own or with the help of cleaners. Next, we will talk in detail about the features of cleaning these products at home and give some recommendations on how to perform this procedure.

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning

For the competent performance of the task, a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush (soft pile is required) and a suitable consumable (sold in household stores) are required. When choosing a consumable, it is important to make sure that it is designed specifically for dry cleaning carpets from a particular material. Otherwise, the effect of the treatment will be incomplete or even unfavorable.

Here’s how to do your own carpet cleaning:

  • remove all third-party objects from the coating;
  • vacuum the carpet thoroughly;
  • apply the cleaning solution evenly;
  • brush the surface;
  • carefully collect the remaining consumables.

For the latter purpose, you can use a washing vacuum cleaner or an ordinary spatula. Next, you need to wait for natural drying (8-12 hours). To speed up the process – try to organize a constant flow of dry air.

How is carpet cleaning done?

Be careful: for dry-cleaning carpet with an adhesive base, you can not use wet processing, the consequences can be detrimental. To clean such a coating, it is always worth inviting cleaners. They know how dry cleaning of this type of carpet is done, and therefore they will perform the task using a special technology.

Carpet cleaning algorithm

Cleaners approach their work with the utmost responsibility. Therefore, the cleaning process in their performance consists of a larger number of actions. Yes, and the final result is different in a positive direction. Although it takes much less time to clean and dry.

Carpet cleaning algorithm

So, how is carpet cleaning done by professionals? The algorithm is:

  • definition the material of manufacture of the coating and the nature of the contaminants present;
  • selection cleaning agent and conducting safe testing of its effectiveness;
  • drawing solution for dissolving dirt using an extractor machine;
  • expectation within a few minutes (until the consumable works);
  • removal vacuum cleaner residues of the solution and the dirt liquefied with it;
  • manual hatching the most resistant stains;
  • flushing coating and its subsequent mechanical drying.

It is also practiced to treat the carpet with special products to remove the smell of urine and other unpleasant odors. The best carpet cleaning services here

Is it possible to do without carpet cleaning?

It is impossible to completely abandon this procedure, otherwise the carpet will gradually become unusable. But the frequency of cleaning can be reduced if you follow the recommendations below:

  • fresh spots must be removed immediately, otherwise later you will have to make more efforts;
  • spilled liquid do not rub, it will damage the structure of the coating;
  • no need to sweep carpet, because a vacuum cleaner is a more reliable and accurate solution;
  • you can’t get carried away wet cleaning, dry cleaning is safer.

You can also protect the carpet from rapid wear. It is enough to lay mats in places with the greatest traffic. Moreover, in terms of design, such a solution looks very attractive. Professional cleaning services

How often should carpet cleaning be done?

If the room has high traffic, then cleaning is recommended at least once every 3-4 months. Otherwise, 1-2 times a year is enough. If you follow the advice given in the previous section, cleaning can be performed 30-40% less often, although it is better not to delay such a procedure.

How often should carpet cleaning be done

Important: if there is no complete understanding of how carpet dry cleaning is done, then it is not advisable to resort to an independent solution of the issue. In such cases, we recommend calling cleaners from our organization and entrusting them with the above task.

Experts perfectly do carpet dry cleaning, and therefore the appeal to us is fully justified. The service offered really deserves the highest ratings, and we invite you to see for yourself.

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