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Small shop wheels are a great way to move heavy equipment. These consist of a wheel and a mounting assembly that you install on the bottom of equipment or furniture so you can easily roll it across a floor. This makes it easier to move things than if you had to carry them. While you might know the basics of these wheels, there are some fun things you probably didn’t know. So here are some fun facts about them.

Swivel Designs Are Not New

Some casters can rotate in any direction. These swivel wheels have been around for more than a century. Seibert Chesnutt was the first person to invent them. However, the design was not patented until 2020.

Some Have a Locking Mechanism

Some of these wheels have a locking mechanism. Anytime you place your cart or equipment on wheels on an unlevel surface, there is the chance that it will roll away. However, locks can prevent this from happening. This is because you can easily engage them, so they act as a brake. These prevent the equipment or cart from rolling away if you need to stop, such as talking to your local house representative.

They Can Get Flutter

Some swivel wheels can get something called flutter. This happens when the wheel swings side to side while pushing the equipment. The result is an unstable cart that appears to have a shimmy. However, you can prevent this disaster by investing in wheels with dampers in them. These washers are installed in the swivel joints and prevent excessive movement.

They Lower Workers’ Risk for Injury

Wheels protect your workers from receiving unnecessary injuries. For example, any time they move objects, they are at risk of getting injured. In fact, thousands of workers each year are injured when they try to lift something heavy. However, wheels eliminate the need to lift heavy objects. Instead, all they need to do is roll them across the floor. That means that they can move these items much easier. Therefore, workers experience a lower risk for injury.

They Are Available in Many Materials

Wheels come in almost any material you can imagine. Many are even made with multiple materials. The wheel itself will generally be made of synthetic materials, such as rubber or plastic. Meanwhile, the frame will be made from a metal alloy.

Whether or not you knew the basics of these wheels ahead of time doesn’t matter. Now you know enough fun facts to wow some people with your knowledge.

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