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Whether you have a lot of documents to print or it’s just time to stock up on A4 paper for the printer shelf, it’s important to put some proper thought into what you’re buying. If you think buying A4 paper is easy, there’s more to know than you think. With a huge variety of options to choose from and some choices to make, this A4 paper buying guide aims to help make your purchase decision a little easier. Read on to learn about the different types of A4 paper as well as paper thickness and weight. Types of A4 Paper There are countless options available when it comes to paper. With a huge variety at your fingertips, consider these different types of A4 paper types throughout your search: Inkjet paper – Inkjet A4 paper is a popular paper type that’s commonly used. It’s essentially the A4 paper you think of when you think of the stack of white sheets sitting in home printers. The design of this paper allows for a smooth print, plus the definition of your printing is generally high on inkjet paper. This should be your choice if you’re looking for paper that is readable, clear and crisp. It’s also a top choice for inkjet printers. Recycled paper – The environmentally friendly option, recycled paper is a good choice for anybody that wants to go green with their home or workplace printer. Sometimes referred to tree-free paper, recycled paper is sometimes not as white as the likes of inkjet paper, but it can still achieve great results. Another good thing about recycled A4 paper is that it comes in a variety of paper types. Laser paper – You can tell laser A4 paper apart from other paper types due to it being a heavier type of paper. One of its best traits is that it can withstand more heat than other paper, plus it’s suitable for larger printing jobs. This type of paper is most often chosen for printing with laser printers. Multipurpose paper – Multipurpose A4 paper is an inexpensive type of paper for all your printing needs. However, with cheaper prices comes a lesser quality, so it’s not often chosen due to its poorer quality of paper. Its show-through qualities means that multipurpose A4 paper isn’t the best choice for two sided printing, but it is generally good for printing at home. Thickness & Weight Another important factor of the A4 paper you choose is considering what you need in terms of thickness and weight. Generally, there are heavyweight, middleweight and standard weight / thickness A4 paper types to choose from. There will be a wide variety available, so the option you choose will depend on your particular project. For more serious projects or documents, it’s a good idea to opt for a heavier weight, as heavier paper is less likely to crease or become damaged. If you’re just looking to stock up on your A4 paper, choose the standard weight, as this is always a handy investment for the home or office shelf.