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Gardening is a relaxing and engaging pastime that you can really get stuck into. For longtime gardeners and those who are just getting into the hobby alike, there are a number of gadgets that you can use to help you along. In this article, we will take a look at some of the devices available for automating some of the busy work of gardening to allow you to get stuck in with the really good stuff.

Automatic Sliding Doors

It may not seem all that useful on the surface, but going through your sliding door can be one of the most supremely irritating things you can do while gardening. Having to take off muddy gloves to avoid dirtying your doors and similar small things adds up to a very irksome experience. Fortunately, Evo Products provide a wide variety of easy-to-install options to turn your sliding door into an automatic sliding door. Not only will this help you to move in and out of your house easily while gardening, but it could also help to give your pets the freedom to come and go when you are out and busy in the garden.

Automatic Lawn Mower

A lovely, well-kept lawn is truly a thing to behold. However, the incessant task of repeatedly mowing the lawn to keep it neat and tidy is one gardening task that edges from satisfying to irritating. The thing is, you don’t have to do this yourself. You can buy a little robotic lawn mower to do it for you, and as sci-fi as that might sound to you, it’s a very real, very useful potential addition to your garden.

Automatic Watering System

Now obviously, regular watering is one of the more important aspects of any venture into gardening. While it is wonderful to see the lush results of consistent and dedicated watering, there is no shame in using some clever tricks to help automate the system somewhat. You can purchase a kind of ceramic pot called an Oya that you plant in the soil alongside your lovely plants. When you fill an Oya with water, it will slowly release water through the soil and keep your plants nice and hydrated. This is a win-win system as it frees up more time for you to get stuck in with other jobs around the garden. It also reduces water waste, with Oya being up to 70% more efficient than surface watering.

Automatic Path Lights

If you wanted to get some more late-night gardening in after work, then a useful product you should consider investing in is solar-powered lights. Not only are these eco-friendly, but they’re a really neat, low-maintenance way to keep your garden nicely lit even when the sun sets, and it gets dark outside. They work through the use of multi-purpose solar panels that both charge the lights while the sun is up and activate the lights when the sun goes down, so you can garden as late as you like.

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