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If you’re looking for a new kitchen sink for your home in Malaysia, then you might not know what factors to consider. What are the differences between different styles or materials for kitchen sinks? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of these options? If you are uncertain about the details to consider while purchasing a new kitchen sink, then this article is here to help you make a knowledgeable decision.

Mounting Styles

There are a couple different ways to mount a kitchen sink. The first way is a top-mount sink, which means that the outside rim of the sink sits on top of the kitchen counter. The boundary of the sink is therefore clearly visible above the counter and they are relatively easy to install.

The second variety is the under-mount sink, which is secured below the countertop. This means that there is no visible lip around the outside of the sink, the kitchen sink simply has the appearance of a hole in the countertop. These are a bit more difficult to install, but they are also very elegant and allow for easy cleaning.

In Malaysia, warm humid weather is a constant struggle for any kitchen and messes on your countertop can happen easily, so an under-mount sink would be an ideal solution. You can clean up water and messes


Most sinks are made from stainless steel or another study material that holds up with frequent water contact. This can include copper, fireclay, porcelain, cast iron, or granite.

While many of these other stone and metal options can be quite beautiful, stainless steel is the most durable option since it can survive high impact, heat, shock, rust, and corrosion. For a practical sink in a tropical Malaysian climate, stainless steel is best and even comes in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes for those who would like to add some personality to their kitchen sink.

Basin Type

For your basin type, you have the options of a single basin or various configurations of dual basins. Which variety you decide on here really depends on how you use your sink and how much space you need. If you cook frequently for many people or if you wash dishes by hand, you may opt for the dual basins to give you the necessary space.

You may also want to consider a top-mount sink getting a built-in drainboard instead of a second basin. This can be a great option for allowing excess water to run into the sink and keeping your kitchen space clean and free of moisture. A built-in drainboard is definitely a desirable feature for any Malaysian kitchen.

Final Malaysian Kitchen Sink Tips

Ultimately, the decision on which kind of kitchen sink will work best in your Malaysian home depends on you. You need to pick an option that will look great in your space, fit your unique cooking style and kitchen usage, and match your needs. We hope this article will help  you in knowing what to look for so that you can be happy with your final kitchen sink decision.

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