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Selecting the right shade of paint for your home might prove to be a more challenging task than most people expect. Apart from the variety of shades you have to choose from, paint color may look good in your head, but it just looks off when painted on your living room wall.

To avoid buyer’s remorse, you can use online apps that let you see how your home will look painted a particular color. In addition to that, here are a few mistakes that you should try and avoid when you hit the store to get paint.

Picking a Paint Color First

When you pick a paint color first, you are likely to limit yourself when it comes to finding things that go well with the paint. Choosing the paint color should be among the last things you pick for the house, because you have to see how the other elements like furniture and décor fit into that space. Also, note that both natural and artificial light have different effects on how the paint appears. Get the room all set up, then start looking at which colors will go well with the existing décor. For instance, look at your piece of furniture, accent pillows, or your carpet and see which paint complements that.

Not Factoring in the Undertone

Most people paint their spaces a color they love only to realize that the outcome is awful and it is clashing with your home décor. This is caused by the undertone of the paint color you have chosen. The wrong undertone will leave your room looking unappealing and even make other things in your room appear off.

For example, if you take different shades of white, you will notice that some contain a hint of blue and others contain a hint of yellow. Try comparing similar shades that have different undertones, as that will help you see which color suits the space.

Selecting Many Paint Colors

Most of the time, people will tell you not to shy away from choosing many paint colors for your home. However, painting many colors in a single room is distracting. As Pacific Coat Painting advises, when painting a room, less is more. Too many colors can reduce the impact you want the paint to have on a room.

For instance, if you want to highlight a bold statement about your space, choosing many bold colors is likely to distract you from that goal. Instead, a person who wants to add some texture or contrast in a room should try to achieve that through décor like fabrics and art pieces. They will help you add the character you are looking for.

Not Considering Your Emotional Goal

It is true that colors impact our feelings, moods, and behaviors. And while your favorite color is red, that does not necessarily mean it is the right color for your bedroom wall. Your bedroom needs to be a relaxing and calming space where you can rest. If that is the purpose you want your bedroom to serve, then choosing a color like red creates a disconnect with your emotional goal or needs. If you want a relaxing room, get a color wheel and look at various shades of blue or green. On the other hand, if you are looking for something exciting and energetic, try different shades of yellow and orange as that will do the trick.

There is no right or wrong color. The secret is how you pair it with the existing décor and the mood you want to create. It will also help if you talk to an interior designer or a painting contractor. Since they have the expertise in that field, they are likely to help you achieve the goal you have for that space.

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