6 things to improve at home for the arrival of 2021 – MessHall

Many of us believe that our house is perfect, but there is always something that can be improved.

We tell you some tricks to make your home even more comfortable, functional and welcoming.

small entrance

Small details at the entrance

One of the best things you can do this year is to invest in the order of your hall, we have investigated and we know that it will be a trend this 2021.

You only need a modular shelf where you can place your jackets, shoes and bag when you get home. Also, increase the storage space in your home.

Your guests will love it too!

cleaning supplies

A place for cleaning supplies

Do you go crazy looking for cleaning products around the house?

Then you need a special closet where to store them all. The mop, the bucket, the broom, the rags… everything will always be in order.

You just have to place shelves for cleaning products, hangers to hang rags and even a support to hang the vacuum cleaner accessories.

ironing board

Integrated ironing board

Continuing with cleaning, did you know that you can hide an ironing board in your kitchen drawer or in the ironing area?

It seems to us an ideal improvement to save space in the home this 2021.

new colour

New colors

If you like your furniture but are a little bored with it, update it! You only need to give them a coat of paint, it will only cost you a little while.

Sand them down to remove any remaining paint and you’re ready to get to work with the paint. Dare with bright colors , it will give your home personality.

For a more “chic” finish you can change the handles for more modern ones. You’ll see how you love the result.

Removable table

Removable table

Pull-out table for 2021If you have little space in your kitchen and you need a space to eat or to prepare food. We have the perfect upgrade for 2021!

Put a pull-out table inside a drawer in your kitchen and take it out only when you need it. It is the perfect way to increase the functionality of the kitchen without taking up more space.

Is it practical right?

Rearrange the space

Rearrange the space

For our home to flow, it is essential to have everything in order and without things in the middle, especially in the areas of passage.

If your current layout does not allow you to have a functional house, change it!

Ring in 2021 with a clear home!

Do you have to improve some of these things in your house?

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