The baggage of getting a new house is first realised when the entire empty house demands to be filled and that too, beautifully.

Everyone is excited about indoor designing and decoration but the problem appears for those who houses are either stuffy or relatively less spacious. Some of them believe that this reduces many of the designing options. But no, this is so not true.

All you need is the right amount and type of furniture and a proper arrangement. Kaymu, an online marketplace, has all kind of furniture if you’re interested in buying quality interior furniture.

It has been observed that among the interior designing, people take living room very seriously, which they should. After all, this is place where you make your guest seated and this is the moment when they form an overall opinion of the house. So, here are some of the tips for decorating small living rooms.


Use Large Storage Capacity Furniture

This is essentially helpful in minimising the use of furniture in the living room. Instead of having separate sofas, coffee table and then petite side tables, you need to have a trunk type table. It will serve both as a coffee table and storage trunk as well.

Usually such kind of material is available in the old bazaars and antique shops but try finding it at brothers furniture if you wish.

Reduce the Sofa size

This practice, in particular is very practical and economical.

Downsizing the sofa size will make your living room sitting worthy.

Do not try to bombard the living area with excessively large sofas. A loveseat sofa is an ideal furniture for such place. Add a couple of chairs around it and you’re good to go.

Actually, in this circumstance, a backless sofa would do as well. You can even put it in the middle of the room. So, people can come and sit from either side.

Fill up the Vertical Space

This is a clever thing to do. Many do not make use of the vertical space and stick to the floor all the time. In doing so, they miss out a lot of exciting material. When someone sits down and look at the empty walls, imagine how gloomy would that be. The walls should be colourful. Put art pieces onto them. Hang ornaments to keep the guests busy in your room.

Do Not Leave Out the Corners

That would give a very bad image if you leave out the corners. Fill them with small decorative things. Put a small table in the corner, a lamp or some small vase, a flower pot may be, but it shouldn’t be empty.

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