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College years are an absolutely amazing part of our lives. There’s newfound independence, living a few doors away from your friends, and taking that step forward to becoming a self-sufficient adult. However, with them, arrive the consequences of leaving the comfy life of our homes, basked in the presence of our family, and everything we own and love. Sacrifices are made when it comes to living conditions.

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However, while you may need to endure the scalding hot showers when someone flushes the toilet two doors down, your dorm room doesn’t have to maintain its generic appearance. It’s a myth that you need to throw money in order to make your room look halfway decent. In fact, with some DIY projects, you can turn it into an incredible space.

Wall Mural

Wall murals are a great way of bringing style to an otherwise bland room. In this day and age, there’s nothing easier than personalizing it, even if you do not possess drawing or painting skills. All you need is a bit of knowledge in a photo-editing program, a flash drive to store it, a nearby copy center to print it, and double-sided tape. Pick a photo and follow the simple instructions for making your personalized wall mural, and your room will look smashing.

The possibilities are endless for one simple reason: you can choose the perfect picture. The internet has countless interesting images that could be just the touch your room needs.


There are numerous issues within the average college dorm. A good majority of them revolve around the actual bed, the temple of the student that’s supposed to inspire relaxation. Unfortunately, besides the bad mattress, they lack style and personality. It’s up to you to improve. First of all, choose chic bedding to improve its aesthetic and don’t stop there. There’s more you can do, such as building your own headboard.

Painting the wall next to the bed is not always an option, especially giving the rules most colleges impose. However, a headboard could be the solution, and it’s truly not that hard to make one yourself. Something very simple, made of solid carton and decorated in your preferred pattern could potentially look amazing. Mix it up with your bedding and match it to other pieces of furniture in your room. It’s easy and cheap, everything a student on a budget wants.

Twinkle Lights With A Twist

Twinkle lights are a staple for college students who want to bring that extra sparkle to their room when the main lights are off. However, you can bring it a step forward by designing a word, your name, or even a short quote that you find inspiring. It will shine on your wall, adding both lighting and a stylish touch to your dorm room. You do not need to cut, saw, and nail materials to get it.

In fact, it can be incredibly easy to design the preferred shape and decorate it with twinkle lights. It won’t take longer than 10 minutes, and it will look amazing. All you need is some electrical tape, carton, paper, a pair of scissors, and a pencil. If you have a craft knife, it will be particularly easier and will allow more precision.

Braided Laundry Basket

Doing laundry is one of the many responsibilities students have due to their new independent lifestyle. A beautiful basket to accompany you can not only be practical and look excellent, but it can transform your dorm room into an amazing living space when you’re not using it. Learning to make a braided laundry basket is incredibly easy and perfect when you’re on a tight budget.

As long as you’ve kept old t-shirts, you can cut them up and braid them into an easy-to-use carrier that will take it away from the horribly generic varieties. Some basic needlework is required, along with braiding that you can learn yourself quickly. The trick is dedication more than craft. It can be time-consuming, and you will need a scrutinizing attention to details.

Comfy Ottoman

An ottoman is a very versatile piece of furniture that can go from a rest for your feet to an extra seat around the coffee table. Instead of purchasing one, you can engage in a DIY project to make one that fits your style, your room, and decorate it in a way to make your living space look spectacular. You will need a sewing machine to make the process faster. It will assure the strength of the seams that your needlework might not be able to achieve.

You need a few yards of cotton fabric, scissors, and iron to smooth it all out, along with some old towels and sheets to stuff it with. However, the stuffing materials are up to your preferences. The cozy little ottoman can be placed anywhere and will add more comfort to your dorm room without taking up much space.

Wall Art

A wall mural is not the only item that can spice up the walls of your room. There are hundreds of options, but a college student could make use of a custom corkboard world map that will make keeping track easier. Whether it’s for practical purposes to help you study or simply keeping a tally of the extensive traveling you have done, it’s a beautiful way to emphasize your room. It speaks of adventure and modern spirit, along with the fact that it will look amazing above your desk.

You can download map templates of the world as a whole or separate continents, color them as you wish, and find cork for the base. Glue and acrylic paints are your best friends. You might require a bit of dexterity to carefully follow the complicated lines, but it’s a relatively easy project that will be worth it by the end. However, when creating your own wall art, never forget the significance of each color so you know the impact it can have on your home.

Floating Furniture

For the average student, the limited space within their room is often an obstacle to achieving a truly amazing look. Floating desks and nightstands are an efficient solution that you can make for yourself. It’s space-saving at its best, modern-looking, and aesthetically pleasing. Unlike generic furniture, you can customize to your personal taste and place them wherever you please. The measurements are up to you, so it’s an all-around project for any dorm.

You do not need to be a wood craftsman, but you will require a table saw and a keen eye for design, along with paint, tape measure, nails, a screw gun, and drywall anchors. It will take a bit of dedication and time, but it will be worth it. Your room will look absolutely amazing, with a touch of futuristic style.

Shoebox Stringup

The modern-day college student is heavily engulfed in the digital era of smartphones and tablets, along with a string of gadgets. However, there is a drawback: wires. Every device requires a charger, which often results of a multitude of wires spread across the floor, tangling and twisting with each other. However, with a simple DIY project, you can solve the problem with a simple shoebox and some of your handiwork.

It will improve the look of your room and offer that bit of organization every college dorm room sorely needs. It will clean up the mess of wires, along with adding the beautiful design of the shoebox that you chose.

Decorating your dorm is a challenge you will have to take on yourself if you want it to look amazing. The perk is that it poses little difficulty, requires a small investment, and it’s only more fulfilling in the long run. Everything you make with your own hands will last you forever, and it will make a precious memory later in life.


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