Selecting the ideal colours for your home can be tough. Each colour you paint has a direct effect to your home and can influence your mood and thoughts. So, make sure to pick out the appropriate colours to keep your humble abode alluring.

While it can be truly challenging to choose the best colour combinations for your home, there are still some guidelines out there which you can follow to achieve a colour inspiration. In fact, colours can brighten up the look of your entire safe haven. Different colours have the power to change the size and shape of a specific part of your home as well as some furnishings.

By knowing the basic information about colour and its effects, you get to decide on what the ideal colours to use for your home. You can also be able to select instantly the ideal appliances or furniture, such as queen-sized beds, cabinets, and sofas that can match the colour of your home.

Here are some of the colours and their effects, which you need to understand:


The colour red has the longest wavelength among all the colours, making it the strongest one. When you have a touch of red in your home, you will be able to give it a sense of energy, strength, and warmth. Moreover, the colour red promotes fearlessness and courage. But never put too much shades of red in your home to avoid the feeling of overly agitated or excited.


Yellow is said to be the most stimulating colour. Having shades of yellow in your home makes the mood lighter and brighter. Since this colour has the second longest wavelength, it provides a friendly and happy atmosphere as well as a creative ambiance. In addition, yellow increases your focus and improves both mental agility and intelligence.


Known to have a calming effect, the colour blue offers a sense of peace around the house. The light blue colour brings harmony into the relationships of those who live in the house as well as helps you to concentrate more on things. On the other hand, the deeper blue stimulates the ambiance of your home, assisting you to think more clearly.


There is a sense of balance and calmness when you use the shades of green in your home. This colour represents growth, nourishment, and fresh starts. More so, it is used to promote both emotional and physical wellness as well as boosts wealth.


This energetic colour evokes enthusiasm and excitement. It can be used in your home to feel younger and increase your confidence. Additionally, it is the colour of celebration and laughter, so it makes the entire atmosphere really vibrant.

Knowing all these basic things about colours, you will be able to combine one shade from the other easily. Colours play a significant role in your home, so make it a point to choose the best ones in complementing your rooms or any parts of the house. With a simple mismatch of colours, it will certainly affect your whole home. Thus, you have to learn how to combine colours properly.

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