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When it comes to making home improvements, it is important to be able to keep up to date with different jobs otherwise they will soon spiral out of control and you will be lumbered with having to do a lot of jobs at one time. You will need to do everything from spring cleaning and repainting to replacing windows and doors, and making sure your property is energy efficient is always really important. Which front door you choose will have a big impact on the aesthetics of your home, as it will be the first thing that anyone comes into contact with. However, it also plays a pivotal role in the energy efficiency of your property and choosing the right one is vital.

Your front door will say a lot about what your home looks like inside and also a lot about who you are a person or family. For an extensive range of doors, click here and look through a wide range of designs, sizes and colours to find something that will complement your property.

Here are a few tips on how to pick the right door for your home:

  • Work Out Your Budget

You will need to know how much you can afford to spend on a new door before you begin shopping around.

Consider all of the following:

  • Estimated life span
  • Length of guarantee
  • Weather protection
  • Finishing coats, such as staining or painting
  • Accessories
  • Energy efficiency
  • Long term benefits
  • Upfront investment cost

You will want the door to be attractive yet sturdy and durable and while it needs to be secure, it should also be energy efficient and take into consideration the money you will save on future energy bills if you install a better quality door now.

  • Style

Your front door will need to work well with the rest of the property and as it is the first thing that you will come into contact with every time you enter your home, it should represent your personality and the style of the building. For example, if your home has traditional décor, then go for a classic wooden door with panels but if you have a trendier, more modern look inside then a decorative glass panelled door will work better.

  • Size

How grand do you want the entrance to be? Is your entryway a standard size? You will need to measure the space to see if you need to have your door custom made and think about all of the following in relation to the size:

  • Thickness
  • Width
  • Height

It is often a good idea to get a professional door company to measure the space for you, to ensure you get the correct size.

  • Material

Finally, you will also need to make sure that you choose the best material for your home. Fiberglass, wood and steel are the most popular materials and decorative features such as glass can be added to create a different texture, while panels can help to create a more interesting design.

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