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plumberIf you have no problem flushing your toilet but it continues to run all the time, you need to investigate the problem, and resolve it. This issue is not just irritating; it’s also a major waste of water. The good news about this type of problem is that usually it’s not difficult to resolve. Once you recognise the different components inside the toilet tank you will realise that there are only so many issues that can occur.

What you have to do is recognise what is causing your toilet to run, and make any necessary adjustments or repairs. Of course, if you would rather not have the hassle you can always call a plumber in Lane Cove to help. Why not try and solve the problem yourself first, then seek assistance if necessary. Here is some information that you may find useful.

Recognising what is in the tank

Before you try and solve the problem of a running toilet, it’s a good idea to get to know the different parts that are present in the toilet tank. When you are going to flush the toilet, take the lid off the tank and watch what happens. Toilets can be slightly different from each other but the basic principle is the same.

As soon as you flush the toilet the chain is responsible for lifting the flapper. It’s this action that enables the water to be released into the toilet bowl. Once the water level in the tank drops the flapper also drops. This is the point at which the tank refills. If it fills too high then any excess water should be removed into the toilet bowl via the overflow tube.

Recognising the problem

Once you can recognise the different parts of the flushing system, the next step is to figure out what is causing the toilet to run continuously. The best way to do this is watch what happens in the tank when you flush.

If you notice that the tank is not filling as it should it’s highly likely that the flapper is stuck in an open position. Of course, you can simply close it over with your hand. But, if this continues to happen, you need to check for causes. You may want to check for these issues:

  • Is the flapper catching on something?
  • Is the flapper wedged at the hinge?
  • Is the flapper correctly aligned?

Any of these problems can occur and are easy to resolve with an adjustment. If the problem does not seem to be with the flapper you should think about adjusting the valve and ball float.

You should be able to lift the ball float with your hand. The level the float is at needs to be such that the tank ceases to fill when the water level is around an inch under the rim of the overflow tube. If adjusting the ball float does not work you should check to see if the float is waterlogged. If you can hear water inside the ball float it needs to be replaced.

If you follow our tips they should hopefully help you resolve the issue you have with a running toilet. If the problem persists you should think about asking for help from a professional plumber.

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