Buying a home is a big deal. Regardless of whether it is a move-in ready home or an outdated fixer upper, it is crucial you have an inspection done on the house before you purchase the home. While having a qualified home inspector check out your home is the best way to determine the fate of your future home, it is wise to be aware of potential problems you might be facing.

Here are five of the most common house problems found during inspection:

1. Electrical Wiring

Electrical problems can be a big deal when it comes to buying a home. If the wiring was not done properly in the house, is exposed, or is not up to code, it must be taken care of before moving in, as it is a safety and fire hazard.

When looking at potential homes, there are a few things to look out for to determine if the home could have faulty wiring. Keep in mind the age of the house. If the house was built a few decades prior and the interior does not look updated, there is a good chance the wiring is not updated either.

Additionally, if you notice mounted TVs or self-installed home alarms, be prepared for potential wire issues. If these were not installed by professionals from comparison.html or a home alarm service, there could be some damaged wires.

2. Grade Sloping

If the house has any grade sloping or draining back to the house, this could easily lead to issues with the foundation of the home. Anytime water drains toward a home, there could be damp crawlspaces or basements, which can lead to mold problems, foundational cracks, dry rot, and possible in-house flooding damage. Typically, the cost to fix this issue is fairly steep, especially if it has already damaged the house, as you will have to pay for those expenses as well.

3. Roof

The material of the roof ages fairly quickly, depending upon what type of material you have. If the roof appears old, rundown, or patched, there could be a leak situation in the home. When roofs age, water can seep inside, leaking into the walls, ceiling, and attic space. While most roofs do last a while after being replaced, they are an expensive fix. The expert roofers at DePalma Roofing are trained and equipped to install and repair a wide range of roofing products, including asphalt, wood, tile, slate and green roofs.

4. Plumbing

Outdated plumbing can lead to leaks, mold, or dry rot inside of the walls and floors. While repairs can be made, they are often only temporary fixes. If the plumbing is original, it will probably need to be replaced soon.

5. Insulation

Many older homes do not have the same type of insulation modern homes have; causing drafts and air leaks that can wreak havoc on utility costs. If the home has an attic or basement, check to see what type of insulation was used—if any. Additionally, check to see how secure the windows and doors look. They can often be the source for drafts.

Keeping these key issues in mind can help you weed out potential homes.

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