If you thought that all hoses are equal and to choose one is a task to which you should not spend much importance, then you need to know that there are a variety of them made from different materials. Lee then these tips you should know when buying for your garden hose to help you get one that meets your needs and save money.

1. Calculates the space

A major point to consider when choosing a hose is the amount of meters you have, and know the number of meters that need.

Before going to buy it calculates the amount of meters you’ll need.

Most hoses are 3 to 30 m. You can choose a standard size of 10 or 20 m for example, depending on the size of your home garden, although some recommend buying as many meters as possible. You better consider the measures and thus save yourself spending others.

2. Observe the width

Note the inches wide that will hose you will choose as his wide influence on the weight of her and could lead to difficulties when trying to move it crushing plants and grass. In addition, larger diameter in width, the greater the amount of water that will pass through it, and above all, keep in mind the place where it will be stored.

Most of these measured ½ inch (1.3 cm) in diameter. If you prefer a nice thick hose, you can buy a 5/8 or 3/9 inch (1.9 cm). The thicker it is, you lose more water pressure. The advantage of the hoses that have a thicker is that they are more durable.

3. Note the material

Finally, pay attention to the type of material that is made the hose, knowing that suffering climate change and are exposed on the outside. A good material will determine the durability of your hose. The two most commonly used materials are vinyl and rubber.

The hoses made of vinyl are the least expensive and are widespread.

There are many different models of quality which highlights thicker as one of the best. Choose this item if you live in a temperate climate where it will not be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Gardening required number of gardening tools you need to check it in a good store where you can get more garden supplies.

The rubber hoses are more resistant to the intense climates, and have the distinction of being flexible, making them easier to use. You avoid headaches as hard leaks and kinks.

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