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A sure-fire way to freshen up your space is by bringing the outside in. That’s right—by bringing the outside in. You’re probably asking, “Now how exactly do I do that?” When you reinvigorate your home with an assortment of air cleaning and health-revitalizing plants, you’re going to be living your life in a brand-new way. Don’t believe me? Before you decide to click off this page and go elsewhere looking for home décor ideas, why don’t you test out some of the indoor plant-decorating ideas below? You might be pleasantly surprised by what you see.

The Corner Space

Look away from your computer screen for a second and browse around the living room (if you’re in the office close your eyes when the boss isn’t watching and visualize your living room). What are some of the first things you notice? Probably not the room’s barren corners, right? Now you’ve noticed them for sure.

Doesn’t it seem that we decorate every square inch of our place when we’re putting everything together? Yet somehow, the corners of the room are ignored completely. Interior-design blog, Old Brand New suggests that to liven the space up, we put a big potted plant in the empty corner. They suggest the tall snake plant potted in a tall bullet-shaped planter. The snake plant improves air quality and is easy to care for, requiring water only sparingly and placement in a well-lit corner space.

Mismatched Chinaware

After packing, moving, unpacking and moving again, you’re going to lose some dishes and glassware along the way. You’re likely not going to want to make a table setting with your hodge-podge set up, but throwing it all out seems like a waste. Not to worry! You can repurpose these gravy boats and tea cups into succulent planters!

A Cultivated Nest shows us that we can breathe new life back into our mismatched china and living space simply by using these pieces as pots and vases for our living plants. I suggest going with succulents. They’re hard to kill (if you forget to water a few times, it’s okay) and won’t grow out of the pot for months, unlike more aggressive-growing plants. Place your collection on the coffee table or foyer console for an amazing and cheery botanical effect.

The Indoor Garden Patch

Most kitchens now come with such strong natural and contemporary lighting fixtures that we’re able to grow our very own herb gardens right in the kitchen without fear of them withering away!

The mason jar wall planter is any easy, do-it-yourself project that requires only a plank of wood, some recycled glass jars, potting soil, rocks, stainless clamps and cuttings of the herbs themselves.

The Bare Bookshelf

While we’re growing our book collection, the bookcase can look a tad skeletal, making the place feel unfinished and frankly, a little sad. You don’t want to throw just anything up on the shelf, otherwise it’ll look messy and like the books you do have up there are just for show.

To help fill out the bookcase while maintaining its integrity, fill some of the empty space with DIY terrariums. Designed with air plants or moss balls, you can custom make your terrariums with your favorite super hero figurines or a miniature garden gnome to add something a little eccentric. You’ll probably find yourself having so much fun making these little fantastical landscapes that you’ll soon be making them for family and friends!

Bringing some greenery into your space will revitalize your home and you; just go for it!

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