Are you unsure if you need curtains that are transparent or ones
that can block weather & light completely? In this short write up, you will read about different types of curtain draperies and rods that will best suit your home’s interior decor.

Curtain #1 – Sheer Curtains For Soft Views

Sheer curtains are made of semi-transparent materials that can offer utmost levels of privacy and a soft view. These curtains will look amazing in living rooms, bedrooms and dine areas. The sheer curtains must be treated carefully to ensure privacy.

The fabric you choose should be easy to maintain and an ideal match with your interior. For instance, polyester sheers have a formal look.

The fabric doesn’t require launder or ironing. Cotton sheers have a contemporary, comfortable look. Whereas, lace sheers will make your house traditional and romantic. For flawless, generous waves you should handpick sheers that are two to four times the width of your window-frame. To buy top-notch sheer curtains and rods, visit

Curtain #2 – Solid Draperies For Better Security

To obtain better levels of privacy, you must go for solid pieces of draperies. The panels must be hung using clips or wall mounted rods. This makes solid draperies a perfect pick for bedrooms and media rooms. Here are few things to be considered when you buy drapery panels:

1)Based on your requirement, you can choose from printed silk to lush velvet draperies.

2)Always buy drapery panels that are at least three times the size of your window frame. Large panels will give your window frame a stylish outlook.

3)If you want complete privacy, don’t go for unlined drapery panels. These panels will become transparent with dim light.

4)If you wish to block sunlight from your bedroom, go for panels with special linens. These specially designed panels can block sunrays completely.

5)As you handpick drapery panels, decide on a sturdy, matching hanging rod. The hardware cost has to be taken into consideration when you buy panels.

Curtain #3 – Blackout Curtains For Darker Rooms

Blackout curtains and panels will help you get rid of 98% of sunlight. These curtains will cut down your energy bill by blocking excess heat from seeping into your house during summer and cold in winter. Blackout curtains can be included in your bedrooms and living rooms for better comfort. When you choose blackout panels, remember the following factors:

1)Don’t compromise on trend or style, by choosing plain blackout panels. There are different types of blackout curtains with colorful prints and solid shades.

2)Blackout panels must be bought with strong rods (drapery)!

Curtain #4 – Treated Windows For a Stylish Look

When you buy curtain rods or draperies, you should treat the windows for more flair. Treated window frames will give your bedroom, kitchen and living area a stylish look. Top window treatments include the following:

1)Drape the window hook and rod with long pieces of fabric.

2)Use special mounting hardware to give your window frame a perfect outlook.

3)Pair the frames with shades and blinds for better privacy and light management.

4)Opt for back tab, rod pocket, tab top or grommet panels to give your drapers a better and finer look. The panel must match with your home’s décor completely.

Curtain #5 – Brackets that Come with Curtain Drapes

In most cases, drapery rods are attached to windows or walls using brackets. The length and width of brackets will depend on the function, maker and style of the rod you choose. Always read through the bracket’s information booklet before using it. Also, look through the amount of wall space available for the bracket.

Curtain #6 – Rods and Draperies that Blend Together!

The curtain’s rod must match with the style of the drapery you pick. Formal rods will go well with formal drapes. For instance, if you have a cord driven curtain system in your living areas, you can go for wood-based rods with prominent wood finials. On the contrary, modern homes with contemporary interiors will look stunning with metal hanging systems & techno-styled finials.

Curtain #7 – Tackling Rooms that are Painted Unevenly!

Last but certainly not least, you should be careful with the finish and color of the draperies. Make sure the curtain rod and drapery matches with the room’s other decors. A room that is painted unevenly should be tackled with lots of care and concern.

Ultimate Bottom Line!

The kind of curtain drapery you pick will determine the rod you need. For instance, if the drape has pleats, you must go for a rod with drapery pins. If you want to drapes to open from the center, you should go for cord driven units. There are plenty of drapes and rods in the market. Thus, you should identify drapes that will best suite your need and taste!

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