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Is your garden overrun with toys and other bits and pieces you can’t bear to throw out? If so, you will probably be interested in storage for your treasured items. The good news is that you don’t need to be ruthless with a black bag. There are plenty of ways to create clever storage solutions without getting rid of the kids’ toys or your favourite tools.

Storage Ideas

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Garden Sheds and Other Outdoor Storage Buildings

Greenhouse Stores and other similar websites sell a fantastic range of sheds, log cabins and children’s playhouses, which are perfect for storing toys, gardening equipment and other useful items. You can fill a shed or greenhouse store with an awful lot of clutter. Once the door is closed, everything is tucked away out of sight until you need it again.

Hidden Storage

All gardens benefit from a seating area, but instead of buying a traditional wooden bench or splashing out on a nice set of garden furniture, consider building a storage seating area instead. For this to work, you need to choose the right spot. A corner of the patio where the sun lingers is a good choice. Using treated timber, create a box and add a hinged lid. You can fill the box with toys or gardening tools, but once the lid is closed, it doubles as a handy seat.

Flower Planters

Planters filled with gorgeous flowers and trailing greenery are an attractive addition to any garden. However, to make your planters work that bit harder, construct a box with storage inside and then add a tray for flowers on top. You can keep your watering can inside the planter.

Under Deck Storage

Do you have a raised decking area adjacent to the house? If so, you are missing a trick if you don’t use it for extra storage. The space under a raised decking area is normally quite low, but if you screen in the sides and create some trays on casters, you can wheel them in and out to access the kids’ toys and any other garden implements stored under there.

Use Old Pallets

Old pallets make an excellent construction material. Nail pallets into a box shape and use them for storing timber offcuts and logs for the winter. These handy boxes can be stacked together if necessary. You can also paint your pallets and use them to store garden tools – fix to a wall and slide brushes and rakes down into the gaps between the planks.

Old Wooden Furniture

Old solid wooden furniture can be given a new lease of life with some heavy-duty exterior paint or varnish and put to good use as a storage unit outdoors. Paint that old chest of drawers in a bright colour and use it to keep seed pots, tools and other bits and pieces. It won’t last forever, but as long as you paint your furniture every couple of years, it should be just fine.

Be creative and use unusual items to store your tools and toys. It brightens up the garden and adds a touch of personality to an otherwise bland space.

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