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As per the famous Feng Shui belief, Bamboo is regarded as the face of luck and prosperity and it has been in practice for more than 4000 years now in Asian culture. But there is a certain method to place them and only then you can extract the full benefits of this plant. Here, in this article you would get a full guide to use Lucky Bamboo Plants.

Bamboo Plant

Why Lucky Bamboo is called lucky?

First of all, the lucky bamboo plants looks pretty and thus enhances the look of your home and secondly it casts a positive and peaceful energy wherever you keep it, either home or office. The green color, tall structure, and a vertical shape is conducive to life energy and our physical activities. We are all surrounded by field of energy and there is something called positive and negative energy. When you place a lucky bamboo plant in a proper direction, the negative energies are curbed and positive ones rises, leading to your overall development. So, for the next occasion when you are searching for a perfect gift, get some good luck bamboo online and present it to your loved ones.


Where to place Lucky Bamboo plants?

The direction where you place this bamboo plant is the driving force behind drawing positive energies in your life. Be it home or office, if you want a fortune shower in your life, you have to know the exact direction to keep the lucky bamboo plant. The best direction is always the East or South-East corner of your home or office. The East side actually represents family and thus if you are bringing bamboo plant to keep at home, always opt for this direction. Office is the channel to bring in wealth and to enhance the luck in this area, you must keep 2 layer or 3 layer bamboo plant with three stalks in the South-East direction.


What are the uses of Lucky Bamboo Plants?

Lucky Bamboo is used as an element to promote health, wealth, and prosperity of a family or business organization. It is a wonderful way of attracting good energy in your life that culminates into all positive developments. It requires very less light and water and thus would be easy to maintain. For improving relationships also, this one is considered extremely lucky. For those who are heading for a great career, lucky bamboo would bring in sure shot success. So, one can get a lucky bamboo plant as a gift for anyone and everyone because we all need a bit of luck – isn’t it?


Importance of number of stalks in a Lucky Bamboo Plant

Just buying a bamboo plant is not enough! You also must learn the implications each number of stalks in a bamboo plant hold. In Feng Shui studies, the odd numbers are considered the luckiest and read below the significance of these numbers.


2 – This is the representation of love.

3 – The three prime components of life come together in balance which are – wealth, long life, and happiness.

5 – It draws energy to make you richer.

6 – An overall prosperity is achieved through it.

7 – A great relationship and good health is yours once you have it.

8 – Overall growth and prosperity of a family is indicated through this one.

9 – In numerology this is considered God’s number and 9 stalks showers you with immense luck.

10 – A completion and overall fulfilment is achieved with this one.

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