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One of the common misconceptions people have about decorating a home or a room is that they have to spend a lot of money to be able to achieve their desired outcome. Clever and knowledgeable homeowners know that they don’t have to spend that much to make their home look more attractive. For one, they can shop and buy home décor online. Aside from buying reasonably priced home décor from popular online retailers, here are other ways to make your house more inviting:

  1. Paint is the one thing that you can count on to make a big difference when it comes to home makeovers. But you don’t need to spend a fortune for it. Instead of repainting the entire home, you can paint one wall in a focal color. You can also paint the ceiling with a lighter version of the wall’s color.
  2. Don’t overcrowd a room. There should be enough space for you and your family members to move around with relative ease.

Instead of buying a lot of items, why don’t you spend on fewer yet better quality pieces? Invest only in what you deem are the essentials—a handful of chairs and a small center table, for instance, should make your living room look less cluttered.

  1. Give your rooms a new look by taking down all paintings, photos, and other forms of art. Then place them in new areas in your home. For example, you can put your bedroom painting in your dining area. It will be like seeing these artworks for the first time.

Or you can get a cheap but attractive frame, paint it white then attach small rings to its upper corners. Then place hooks on the wall, and hang the frame. Alternatively, hang several small framed pictures side by side for an artful and attractive focal point.

  1. Look for cheap chandeliers and install them in lieu of overhead lighting. An antique chandelier can also be painted white for a more contemporary look. Make it more intriguing by adding extra crystal drops that you can buy at lighting stores. But make sure you get professional help in installing the chandelier, for safety reasons.
  2. Hang plates. If you aren’t fond of paintings or you hate seeing your photos on the wall, hang plates of various colors instead. Plates in different hues can make a fresh wall arrangement. Choose plates of different sizes and textures, too.

Place the most striking plate at the center, with the other plates surrounding it.

  1. Look for seasonal accents outside. Shells, pinecones, and colorful pebbles can make for interesting accents for your home. You can place these in your bathroom, kitchen, stairwell, and entry for a rustic and relaxed atmosphere.

As you can see you don’t have to shop for home décor online just to be able to give your home a new look. Simply follow these tips and you can make any area in your home look attractive without spending a fortune.

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