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We all know the technological brilliance of Samsung in offering the most innovative Smartphones but when it comes to TV Samsung is even better. The recent advent of the curved LED TVs is the biggest testament to Samsung’s supremacy in the Television market. Samsung brings ‘Curved TV’, a technology hardly seen before, packed with a whole range of exciting feature that completely redefines the TV watching experience. If you compare the Samsung TV price with other popular brands, you would know that Samsung is miles ahead of the competitors in terms of offering full value for money. Some of the best Curved LED TV models that you can consider buying are:

4K SUHD JS9500 series

This awesome new curved Smart LED TV is built with a revolutionary Nano crystal technology that reveals the colours on screen with such precision and finesse that you literally feel like the scene happening right in front of you. The supreme brightness levels and the 4K SUHD display not only makes gaming, browsing and watching your favourite programs more entertaining but also it is quite easy on the eye. The TV is powered by Octa core processor so you can be sure that all your online media channels will run at lighting fast speed without any hassles. One of the highlights of this amazing TV is its smart remote control. The remote has a touch pad that allows you to quickly navigate through the apps; you can provide voice commands to switch apps, change channels or adjust volume levels. All these awesome features and more come at a price of Rs. 532,000 (approximately).

4K SUHD JS9000

This TV from the Samsung house is sure to give a breakthrough experience with your home theatre. The huge 78” screen combined with the 4K SUHD display bring the pictures to life. It would simply be irresistible to feel awed by the immersive curved screen that reveals 64 x greater colour expressions that the usual LED TVs. The smart TV allows you to access all your favourite content seamlessly and get an entertainment experience like never before. The Nano crystal colour technology not only gives you a clear, sharp, bright and crisp display but also makes the picture appear more lifelike. The curved screen ensures that you get the best viewing angle so that you get the best picture irrespective of your sitting position. Another revolutionary feature that makes this TV stand out from the rest is its Peak Illuminator pro features that make every colour pop out so that even the minute details appear conspicuous. The increased LED illumination behind the brightest spot on the screen helps you enjoy your favourite TV shows, games and moves even better. It comes with a price tag of Rs. 260,000 (approximately).

Full HD Curved Smart TV H8000

With the curved screen, your TV watching experience reaches to a new level altogether; it provides a spectacular panoramic view and makes you feel immersed in the picture. The gentle curve on the screen provides uniform and balanced viewing angles from all area of the screen. The Auto Depth Enhancer feature provides you a greater depth and different levels of contrast on different areas of screen so that you get an enjoyable TV viewing experience. The motion control feature allows you to access the various app and provide commands to switch channels using simple hand gestures; so a single finger is all it takes to navigate through the apps and load apps as you like. There are several other features that makes it’s a worthy buy in spite of heavy price tag of Rs.351, 900 (approximately).

Pick the one that suits best to your requirements and have an ultimate entertainment experience like never before!

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