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There’s nothing worse when one of your household appliances suddenly breaks down.  It could be your washing machine, microwave, coffee maker, cooker, TV or vacuum cleaner.  It’s surprising how much you miss a household appliance when it isn’t working.  Thankfully there are reputable companies online that can put you in touch with professional appliance repairers.

If your refrigerator or food processor for instance, stops working and you live in the Leicester area for example, get in touch with Service Force Leicester.  This highly regarded company is also officially appointed by some of the most successful appliance manufacturers in the UK and Europe like:-

  • Zanussi
  • AEG
  • Electrolux
  • Parkinson Cowan
  • Tricity Bendix

You can expect a high quality repair service which includes a guarantee for both parts and labour for 12 months.  With more than 60 local service centres nationwide and over 600 technicians, you won’t have to wait long to have an appliance repaired.

Contact the professionals

Don’t hesitate in contacting professional repairers if one of your appliances packs up.  Reputable online service centre repair firms are always up front about the costs.  Specialists charge a fixed fee for labour, no matter how long the job takes.  The only additional charge is for the cost of parts.  If a repair job is easy to do, for example a split hose, that doesn’t need a repairman, online specialists will be more than happy to sell you the spare part so you can carry out the repair yourself.


It’s so easy to find a service centre location close to your home.  To get the address and telephone number of your local service station is to type in your postcode via online repair firms.  In just a few seconds you will be provided with the relevant information regarding the nearest service appliance centre or engineer.  If you’re not quite sure about needing an engineer, recommended online repair centre companies have helpful online blogs covering a number of subjects:-

  1. Microwave cleaning methods
  2. Removing a bad smell from your washing machine
  3. How to thoroughly clean your oven
  4. How to operate and maintain your appliances
  5. The most common types of appliance repair and how to identify the problem
  6. Specific maintenance tips for individual appliances

You don’t always need an engineer or technician for appliance repairs, check out online DIY guides and save some money by doing the job yourself.


So much information online

When appliances are working efficiently everything is hunky dory but when not, what a headache!  With such busy lifestyles many people simply don’t have the time to carry out DIY jobs on appliances.  This is where reliable online appliance repair centres are invaluable. A local engineer can quickly get to grips with the task in hand repairing every type of appliance imaginable from toasters to CD players, heaters to conventional ovens.  What’s more, before leaving your home, a proficient engineer will carry out safety checks to ensure your appliance is in tip top condition.

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