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Commercial kitchens are the professional kitchens that you find in restaurants, bakeries and other food companies. If you ever spent time in one before, you might notice that it runs like a well-oiled machines. Every chef and worker in that kitchen knows exactly where to go and what to do during every second of the day, and they know how to work together to reduce the risk of workplace accidents. When redesigning your kitchen or looking at renovation ideas, there are a few simple ways you can make your kitchen look and function like a commercial kitchen.

Work Around the Kitchen Triangle

Kitchen triangle is a term that refers to the triangular area in your kitchen where you spend the majority of your time. It includes your prep area, sink and refrigerator. Create a clean space that is free of clutter between those three areas. This helps you easily grab ingredients from the refrigerator, clean those ingredients in the sink and prep those ingredients for cooking. You may want to create a clean line that runs to your stove too.

Put Heavy Equipment on Rollers

Commercial kitchen equipment can weigh thousands of pounds. Chefs and others working in those kitchens need to move that equipment quickly when a fire breaks out or an emergency occurs. Using rollers designed for commercial kitchens can help you move your own equipment just as quickly. Look for bakery casters, which feature a heavy-duty construction that can accommodate thousands of pounds. You can easily install these rolling casters on the bottom of bookshelves that you use for your cookbooks and heavier pots and pans. Some castes are also suitable for use on kitchen appliances and even your island.

Open Your Cabinets

One thing that sets commercial kitchens apart from residential kitchens is storage. Your home kitchen likely features lots of cabins with wood doors and cabinets that sit closer to the floor. A commercial kitchen has a more open layout that lets workers get to all the supplies they need with minimum effort. Removing the doors from your cabinets will help you reach all your tools and supplies faster too. You can also use glass doors that let you see everything inside each cabinet. Making your kitchen look more like a commercial kitchen will make the space more functional and may make you want to cook more.

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