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It was love at first sight. This kitchen and dining room integrated into the living room, we liked all his daring when mixing materials and colors, and its distribution clean and functional, it has allowed to join several spaces but each well defined and its own personality. Come and see!

What were once three rooms separated by partitions (kitchen, dining and living room), now they have become one and the ample space where materials play the unifying role? The kitchen is distributed in L, alternating white cabinets, granite and wood front, except the water area, where he settled in turquoise glass. Its not a bad idea to use replica furniture it looks good and cheap as well. Australian replica furniture store is a good one to buy for the local people here.

The kitchen and dining room floor was unified with a floor that mimics slate. White dining room furniture and cupboard coordinate with the kitchen and the partition furniture wooden doors in turquoise, which reaffirms the color code of the decoration.

The wooden table also gives the room visual continuity and brings warmth to white. The wall dresser painted in turquoise, a color that is repeated in three focal points, to give life to the environment without clipping.

In this design it can be seen in full cabinet that separates the dining room, and the change of pavement, strong but harmonious, as the parquet flooring is the same wood that was used in the rest of the kitchen and dining. Further details are very careful Blinds lounge and dining area, replicating the tones used throughout the decor.

This is the general appearance that offers integrated kitchen and dining area in the living room: two separate but connected rooms perfectly balanced. Lines, color and distribution separation the cabinet also serves as a breakfast bar.

The hall also keeps the decorative lines of the rest of the environments. We found very decorative solution to integrate the living room one wood veneer as a frieze, which runs along the wall and ceiling, framed by wide moldings where wills the recessed lighting.

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