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While most people believe that the kitchen or living area should be the first to be renovated, we believe that building your dream bathroom should be your priority. Yes, it definitely adds value to your property, but in our opinion that’s not the main benefit – spending time in a really immaculate bathroom is, as it’s the ultimate place for relaxation and revitalising.

Whether you’re completing a full renovation or just giving your bathroom a facelift, one of the most important choices you’ll make is that of the shower screen. Everyone in your home uses the shower at least once a day, making it a high traffic area that requires some thought to suit everyone’s needs.

Measure your space carefully

You can never measure an area too many times and the areas that are key to measure are the amount of shower space you have to work with, the distance from the floor to ceiling and the width of any necessary wall spaces. Most tradies will measure an area at least three times, so go ahead and measure until you’re completely comfortable with the accuracy of the dimensions you’ve written down. Use these dimensions to obtain a quote for the cost of having the glass cut and fit to your space.

Consider your lifestyle needs

If you’re redoing your entire shower, take into account the type of shower screen that would suit your needs best. A pivot door is ideal for young children, while a sliding door takes up the least amount of space in a small bathroom. Fixed panel shower screens don’t have a door, but can lead to the floor around the bath or shower area getting wet quickly. They are all great in their own ways, but some are better for children and elderly folks, pop into a bathroom display room and try them out if you’re not sure which one suits you best.

Pick something to fit your aesthetic

There are three major types of shower screen styles: frameless, semi-frameless and fully-framed. Fully-framed screens are the most robust and can be installed as pivoting or sliding doors, consisting of thick framing on each side of the glass. They’re the most affordable option on the market currently. Semi-frameless have a slimline frame that is more contemporary and subtle. Frameless screens are completely glass and are fixed together using special clamps or fixings, creating as very clean, minimalist look that is easy to clean because of the lack of areas for soap scum and grime to build up.

Work with a professional

Unless you’re a qualified tradie, it’s probably best to hire a professional to install your new shower screen in Sydney. While this is undoubtedly the more expensive option, it will save you money down the track as it will stay secure for years to come.

Regrout your tiles

If you’re not going ahead with a full renovation, we highly recommend regrouting your tiles before you get a new shower screen installed. Not only will this make the area feel newer and cleaner, it will also secure any potentially loose tiles from wear and tear and reseal any broken down grout that may lead to leaks in the future. There is no complication, once you can easily find professionals that are able to regrouting tiles in Sydney.

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