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repairWhen you own a home, you have to stay on top of maintenance. This is especially true when it comes to your roof. You may not realize just how important your roof is until something goes wrong with it. A damaged roof doesn’t just affect the roof itself. Issues stemming from roof damage can spread to the rest of your home, causing trouble with your home’s structure, your walls, your electrical systems and your insulation.

When it comes to roof issues, though, homeowners have a lot of questions. Roofing isn’t really something many people know a lot about. By taking a look at the following frequently asked questions about roof repairs, you can become more knowledgeable and better be able to ensure your roof is well maintained.

Do I Have to Hire Someone to Do Maintenance on My Roof?
Many homeowners want to try to do roof repairs on their own. However, most homeowners simply don’t have the training or skills to do so. Roofing work is very dangerous. Not only do you have to climb up to the roof but as you work, you also have to be able to do so safely to prevent falls. In addition, there are specific methods to repairing roofing that requires specific skills that you likely don’t have. So, it is usually best to call in a professional to prevent accidents and ensure the repairs are done correctly.

Can Roof Repairs Be Done in the Winter?
The answer to this isn’t a straight yes or no. Some roofing materials won’t set or can become brittle in lower temperatures and may not be usable. In addition, if there is a large amount of snow or ice on a roof, it could be too dangerous for workers to get up there and work or access could be too limited to the area that needs to be worked on. However, many contractors can do a temporary fix for emergency situations that should get you through the winter until a proper repair can be done in the spring.

How Do I Know if I Have Roof Damage?
Many times, what will signal to you that your roof needs repaired are leaks inside your home. However, by this point, the damage has likely spread, so it helps to be aware of earlier signs. You can do a visual inspection from the ground about once a month just to look for loose shingles or other issues like drooping gutters that could signal a problem, but you should be having a professional inspection done at least once a year.

If My Roof Is Leaking, Does It Have to Be Replaced?
Not every leak in a roof means you need a complete new roof. More often than not, a contractor can simply make roof repairs to fix the issue. This can save you a lot of money and help you to get more life from your initial investment.
Understanding a bit more about roof repairs can help you to better maintain your roof. After reviewing these FAQs about roof repair, you now know that in most cases, your best bet is to call in a contractor who has the skills and knowledge to ensure that your roof is kept in good shape and problems are caught before they are too serious.

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