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Whether you’ve recently completed a remodel, or your house is in need of a little TLC, deciding to sell your home can mean you’re moving on to a new chapter in your life. Perhaps you need a larger home to cater to an expanding family? Maybe you’re ready to downsize now your kids have moved out? Alternatively, you might simply want to explore a new area and relocate to a new town, state, or country.

Whatever your reasons, it will come as no surprise that selling a property can be time-consuming. All too often, property owners spend months repairing and redecorating in the hope of generating interest, only to be let down by potential buyers. However, there are ways to simplify the process. If you want to release the equity in your property, take a look at these three ways to sell your home now:

1. Arrange a Private Sale

If someone wants to purchase your property, you can arrange the sale without going through a realtor. Of course, you’ll need to agree upon a price beforehand, so you may want to get your home professionally valued first. In addition to this, it’s advisable to have contracts professionally drafted, no matter who you’re selling a property to. This will protect your interests and ensure that there are no issues further down the line.

Although a private sale can allow you to complete the transaction without paying a commission to realtors, you will need to advertise your home yourself, as well as show potential buyers around the property.

2. Sell Your Home for Cash

If time is of the essence, selling your home for cash can be the most efficient way to access the equity that’s tied up in your property. With cash buyers, like, you can sell a property in a matter of days, rather than waiting months for potential buyers to make their minds up. What’s more – cash buyers are often willing to purchase properties in need of repair, so you won’t have to spend time or money improving your home before putting it on the market.

3. Use a Real Estate Agent

Selling a home via a real estate agent is the most common way to go about selling a property but that doesn’t mean it’s the easiest. Not only will you need to find a reputable realtor, but you’ll also need to arrange for photographs to be taken of your property and make it available for viewings. In addition to this, you’ll need to pay a flatfee or a commission to the realtor, which means it can be a pricy option.

Are You Ready to Sell Your Home?

Whether you’ve planned your upcoming move for months or you’ve only decided to sell your property recently, it’s vital to choose the right method of sale. By doing so, you could boost the selling price of your home and maximize the return you get on your investment, as well as fast-tracking the sales process.

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