In Marseille, with unparalleled views of the Mediterranean Sea, this property which, after being refurbished with the installation of lifts glass enclosures, is optimized to maximize the natural light and the original space that had.

This has been the main goal of a remarkable project that has led the architect Henri Paret and for which it has relied on Kawneer solutions, designer-maker specializing in architectural aluminum systems.

The building in its original state, dating back to the 70s, lacked natural light despite being located in one of the brightest areas of the French town. Also had very few openings and trips abroad and distribution, with excessive compartmentalization of space, also prevented the free movement of its inhabitants.

To fix all this, and pursue this profound renewal of both indoor and outdoor housing, Paret chose Kasting Kawneer sliding.

Maintaining the same concrete structure existed, these were installed several large sliding rails that in addition to ensure high technical and mechanical performance, ensure greater comfort and thermal efficiency and harmony with the design chosen for housing.

Sliding Kasting angled three and six sheets allow the maximum opening to the outside in the villa. Another architectural oddity in this housing is installed on the roof structure. “As if it were an umbrella, makes this construction in an absolutely open and light architecture that seems suspended above his environment.

Thanks to it have been able to eliminate certain load-bearing walls and columns to create maximum openings to the outside, “says the architect Paret.

In houses, the sliding angle and integrated sliding shutters are the perfect element to integrate the garden and house with no visible divisions. This sliding door system offers a modern and discreet concealment with enhanced security, in which the leaf is integrated into the wall.

Thus, the tenant can enjoy a full panoramic opening outwards, leaving the walls free hosting to the sheet you want. What was once a closed, opaque housing has become a fully connected building with its surroundings, which reconciles with large openings and also stands out for its contemporary, elegant and minimalist design.

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