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Your garage isn’t just the place where you pile up your Christmas decorations and sporting gear around your car. It should be a protective area for your car and some of your most valuable belongings, like your washer and dryer. Your garage also plays an important role in your home’s overall energy efficiency.
It is important that you keep your garage well-maintained so that you keep your belongings and your home safe. With the right maintenance, you’ll spend less on energy bills and you’ll prevent the spread of water damage and other issues.

Here are a few of the top maintenance tasks you likely need to take care of for your garage right now:

Replace the Hardware
The springs on your garage door are more likely to break down before the door itself. The door springs can get rusted or they can stretch out and lose some of their spring. The same is true for other hardware in your garage, such as your door hinges or parts on other electronics. Replace the get wire forms, torsion springs and other hardware in your garage. Look for signs of rust or for reduced performance.

Seal the Concrete
The concrete floors in your garage take a beating. Not only do they bear the weight of your car (or cars) every day, but they are also regularly coated in oil, fuel and other grime. The concrete can start to break down over time, which can cause serious problems for your foundation. You can protect the concrete by keeping it sealed. If you like, you can even get a colored top coat that will make a nicer look for your garage.

Seal the Door
Your garage door also needs to be sealed. If it’s an aluminum door, it needs to be sealed to protect it from rust. If it’s a wooden door, it needs to be sealed to protect it from mildew and rot. You can’t just paint the door and expect that to offer the right protection. You need to use the right sealant for long-term protection.

Check the Weather Stripping
Even if you don’t insulate and finish your garage, you can improve the energy efficiency of your garage by adding weather stripping to the garage door and the entry doors. Check the weather stripping to make sure that it is intact and providing the performance you need. Also check for cracks or other damage. You may need to re-fasten the stripping or to replace it.

Keep your garage in top shape to protect your belongings and protect your home. By performing this needed maintenance, you can prevent damage and save yourself thousands of dollars in repairs. You’ll also improve the value of your home by improving the look and functionality of your garage. If you aren’t sure how to perform this maintenance or how to check for what needs to be done, call in a professional for help. The money you spend will save you in the long run.

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