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A spring clean is sometimes the best and only makeover for a tired looking kitchen; when the pennies are tight and the answer isn’t to just rip out your kitchen and start again, you can still rely on the magic of cleaning.

Kitchen floors are a priority

Your kitchen floor will be victim to a lot of activity as your kitchen will likely be the most used room in the house, therefore you will notice a huge difference to the appearance of your kitchen if you really scrub it up to standard again. The first thing to do is to make sure that you clear the floor as much as you can, tidying up any clutter and putting your chairs upside down on the table so you can reach every inch of your floor. Whether your kitchen floor is made of tiles, laminate or any material that can be washed, or even if it is carpeted, there are loads of cleaning services available which are able to clean any type of flooring at affordable prices.


A cheap and easy way of improving the cleanliness of your kitchen is by organising and decluttering all your surfaces and cupboards! If you can find ways of reducing the amount of kitchen equipment on display on your surfaces this will make it a lot easier to wipe your surfaces after using them and will keep your kitchen more hygienic. It is also very useful to have replacement kitchen doors on your cabinets and units which can easily be removed and put back on again as it will make getting into your cupboards more accessible and easier to clean when trying to get to those hard to reach places!

Wash down

Washing your units and surfaces with a good disinfectant will also help massively in eliminating any unwanted dirt and bacteria and will also make your kitchen shine once again. Make sure to also target the handles on your units as they can often be made of metal which looks great when it has been polished up. Another great tip for fridges if you have one made of metal is to wipe them and use baby oil to polish it up, this will make it absolutely gleam!

Simple upgrades

It can be quite depressing in your kitchen when things are looking shabby after too much use, for example your sink can begin to chip and look grungy. But don’t fear, as it is cheaper than you think to make your kitchen sparkle like replacing and buying a new and more modern sink and tap. Another easy upgrade could be to your kitchen utilities like toaster and microwave; it is often possible to buy themed kitchen utilities so that they all look the same style. This is definitely a great way of adding stylishness to your kitchen worktops.

Kitchen interior accessories

Without splashing the cash too much you can also add chic little touches like pictures and frames around the kitchen which have quotes and messages on them. You can also buy matching dinner sets, mugs and glasses which are all consistent in style and this really helps to improve a kitchen experience.

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