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The kitchen is probably the most used area in our homes but ironically, we don’t put as much effort in organizing it. The kitchen is where we put the most variety of items – from food items, utensils, appliances, cookbooks, and the list goes on and on. If we don’t keep it organized, cooking and preparing food will be less enjoyable and is seen more as a chore than anything else. If you need help with keeping your kitchen organized, here are some tips that have been shared by managers of Montreal restaurants that you may find useful:

  1. Get rid of things you have not used for a year. We are all guilty of keeping stuff we bought on sale years ago, telling ourselves that we’ll use them soon. Well, it’s been a year and they’re still not being used. Throw them out or give them away so you’ll have more storage space in your kitchen cabinet.
  1. Classify your kitchen Begin by asking yourself this question: “When did I last use this item?” When it is clear to you which items are often used and which ones are barely used, place the things that you don’t frequently use on the top shelves and the most used items on the lower shelves. That way you do not have to create more clutter when you need to find something.
  1. Know where food should be stored. Part of having an organized kitchen is knowing where food should be kept so they can last longer. This trick will not only make your kitchen neat, it will also minimize food waste.
  1. Use uniform, clear containers. Plenty of mismatched food containers is one of the worst eyesores in our kitchens. Opt for transparent, neatly labeled canisters when placing food items in you cupboard or pantry.
  1. Maximize your kitchen space. Make use of those hard to reach areas in your kitchen by using T-moldings to hold your wine glasses. Or use spring tension rods on too large cabinets to place small spice containers.
  1. Use pocket organizers. Maximize under-sink cabinets by using inexpensive pocket organizers. You can use this to store cleaning materials like brushes, spray bottles, cleaning sponges and elastic gloves.
  1. Recycle old filing holders. Affix old plastic filing holders on inside cabinet doors to store small boxes like cling wrap, aluminum foil and ziplock boxes.
  1. Use tin sheets. Tack tin sheets on bare spaces to create magnetic storage. It is ideal for storing spices, dried seasonings, nuts, and the like.
  1. Organize pot lids. Store your pot lids on inside cabinet doors by attaching them with moldable glue.
  1. Use dividers. Organize your pans by using dividers when stacking them inside your cabinets.
  1. Use pot racks. While it is true that you can mostly find pot racks in fancy kitchens as a decoration, you can create your own if you have a high empty space. Not only is it a great storage option, it will always add sophisticated details in your kitchen.

There are numerous ways to organize your kitchen but while it is important to declutter your space, making it a habit to keep it clean and organized on a daily basis is really what it all boils down to.

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