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The greatest thing about the ducted air conditioning units is that maintenance will be really low all through a year. This is quite opposite to the conventional AC units that we are all used to. You basically need to clean the return air grille every 6 months or when dirt accumulation is too high. There are controllers that will display filters on screens so that you know exactly when maintenance is necessary.

You can use the ducted AC machines almost anywhere. This includes malls, homes, offices, shopping complexes, multi storey buildings and even shopping complexes. You normally install them right in the roof with quite a high ease. They will be fixed and will not occupy a lot of wall space. Air will be evenly spread right through the ducts in the areas where units are installed. Such an air conditioning system can use just one machine to control an entire home’s temperature, making it highly effective.

If the climate is particularly hot, the system will offer cooling and dehumidification. When winter comes or the weather is cold, the room will heat up. A zone motor can easily be installed in a room together with ducts in order to make heating and cooling really flexible, all based on requirements.

DIY Cleaning

The main thing that you have to do with these units is to clean filters. In order to do this, a screw should be turned, some clips have to be pull backed and grilles are going to pivot down. Vacuuming filters is really simple or alternatively you can clean your grille with soapy water. Try to never dry ducted filters by placing them under the sun when using soapy water. That will make your filters deform.

You can clean the filters once per every 6 months. This is something that is not possible with many other air conditioning systems. However, when the air grille is noisy, it is a clear sign that a thorough cleaning is necessary. Outdoor unit maintenance is basically free and when you see water that drips from your drains you should not worry. This just means that the entire AC system runs as it should run.

Keep your fans clear at all times. This basically means that you have to clean debris and sticks. After the cleaning is done, apply a spray or the film right on the outdoor unit. That helps in avoiding the appearance of rust. Never neglect this, especially when living in coastal areas or in tropical places. You want to look at the special service center that you can use or the site of the manufacturer to see if a special substance is necessary so that you can slow down or avoid outdoor unit tarnish.

Hiring Professionals

In the event that you feel that you do not know much about the cleaning that you have to do, the best thing that you can do is call a professional. Do not try to run maintenance jobs if you do not know much about AC units. This could damage the entire system.

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