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Mostpeople can handle at least a few basic repairs around the house. However, whenit comes to certain appliances, the job is better left in the hands of theprofessionals. If you start to notice that your water heater is leaking, youshould seek out the help of a professional company offeringreliable water heater repair services. That being said, it iswise to learn about some of the common causes of leaking in water heaters. Youmay be able to recognize whether you need a simple repair or a completereplacement of your water heater.

1. Your Connections Are Loose

The good news about this is that it is a simple water heater repair. If you suspect that your leak is because of loose connections at your water inlet and outlet linkups, check the area. If a connection is loose and allowing water to escape, you may even be able to fix it yourself. Try tightening it with a wrench. If that does not work, you may need to call professional water heater repair services to replace a bad pipe.

2. Your Tank Is Corroded

As time goes on, bacteria and dirt can build up in the bottom of your water heater. This causes sediment to form, which in turn can eat away the inside of your water heater. Eventually, the heater will be corroded from the inside out, and naturally, it will begin to spring leaks. Unfortunately, this is a big problem as it necessitates getting a new water heater. For this reason, you will need professional water heater repair services to address this issue.

3. Your Pressure Relief Valve andTemperature Are Out of Sync

There is a lot going on in a water heater. In particular, the pressure relief valve and the temperature of your water need to work together. These elements rely on one another to properly regulate everything that is happening inside your water tank.

Whenpressure or temperature rises too much, the valve may start to let water drainfrom the interior of the water heater. If this is the case, you are likely tosee water gushing down the side of the heater.

This issue will likely require the installation of a new valve. If it does not, it may simply mean a readjustment of the pressure and temperature inside your water heater. However, to determine which of these is needed, you will need to call professional water heater repair services. It is important not to delay calling a plumber since leaving a leaking water heater can lead to bigger, more expensive or more damaging issues. Other problems can cause your water heater to leak, but these are some of the most common. Even if you feel like that you can competently diagnose the problem with your water heater, you should still call a professional to properly assess the situation. They can pinpoint the problem accurately and offer a quick and easy solution that will prevent further damage from happening.

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