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Modern style has entered the era of straight edges, bold colours and an overall minimalistic vibe. Entering a kitchen is now a whole experience made intricate with hanging lights, island benches and dramatic statement pieces. With all of these intense features making for a strong indoor space, it’s the little touches of artificial plants which can make all the difference with a touch of softness and realism.

As well as improving your home’s aesthetic, artificial plants offer a great alternative to the real deal without the fuss. Save yourself time, energy and stress by switching to artificial plants in your home. Visit to see their extensive range of fake plants and artificial potted colour.

Step Up Your Style

Plants come in an array of colours and sizes and it can brighten up any room and modernise your living space while still maintain a homely and welcoming vibe. Thanks to a greater demand for artificial plants, they are now being designed better than ever. With sophisticated details and vibrant colours, artificial plants mimic the authenticity that real plants have without the mess!

Save Time

Artificial plants will save you time. The biggest problem you’ll have with your artificial plant is deciding where to put it! Artificial houseplants can be a timeless piece in your home. As they don’t deteriorate, you won’t need to collect dead foliage or replace them as often as a real plant. Find it easy to relocate your artificial plants without the need for re-potting and with fake plants like the Boston Fern, long arching fronds provide the perfect illusion of a real plant climbing toward the sunlight.

No Maintenance!

With artificial plants, there is no need to monitor how much water, sun or fertiliser it gets or be required to clean any leaks and spills on the floor surrounding them. In addition, with artificial plants you won’t have to worry about common spiders or creepy crawlies that are naturally drawn to real plants. Even large potted trees such as the Potted Travelers 180cm Palm Tree only requires dusting with a soft cloth to be kept bright and renewed in your home.

Rest Easy

Don’t stress about your family’s or friend’s allergies because artificial plants don’t contain pollen or other allergy triggers which deter a lot of people from having house plants!  Artificial plants even come in the flowering variety which means you can buy an Orchid in a clay pot and know that your family and friends won’t have a reaction as they would to real plants.

From small succulents to large trees, Domayne has you covered when it comes to artificial plants for your home. Cut out the unnecessary strain of maintaining real plants without sacrificing modern style. With the ability to transform your living space by adding a softness  that will set your home apart from the standard modern aesthetic. Saving you time, energy and stress, artificial plants will help you add a touch of realism to your indoor space.

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