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Think of the brand new Montreal condos as blank canvasses ready for the creative use of colors. You have so many choices when it comes to color combinations from complementing to contrasting palettes, classic to contemporary combinations, and even pastel to bold choices. You can choose a single color for the entire condo or different shades for each room. The following are the top choices for colors in modern condos.

Gray, White and Yellow

Gray is a classic color that can be used as a backdrop for virtually all colors in the rainbow. White makes other colors pop while also providing the illusion of more space. Yellow adds vibrancy to any room, as if natural sunlight is making your interiors bright.

Red, Black, and White

Classic yet contemporary, cool yet warm, and neutral yet vibrant – these contrasts make the red, black and white combination an enduringly popular choice for condo dwellers. You can use black and white as your main colors with red as your accent color, or vice versa, such as a red sofa against a white wall with black stripes.

Red, Gray, and White

The vibrancy of red is tempered by the coolness of gray and the brightness of white in this mixture. You can use a dark shade of gray, such as charcoal, on your walls and then place red decorative items and white furniture.

Gray, Turquoise, and Black

Yet another use of gray is in combination with turquoise and black, a classic combination that can be configured in several ways for contemporary use. Black and gray have a strong quality that bounces off well with the elegance of turquoise, such as a black sofa set against a light gray wall with turquoise accents (e.g., framed paintings).

Turquoise and Coral Pink

Turquoise has a calming quality that makes it suitable for bedrooms where feelings of relaxation are important. For a dynamic touch, you can combine it with coral pink through the hard and soft furnishings, a blend that works best in girls’ bedrooms.

Bubblegum Pink and Pale Green

Who says that green and pink don’t mix? The trick is in choosing the perfect shade, namely, bubblegum pink and pale green. You can combine a pale green wall with soft pink accents or a pink wall with green accents depending on your taste.

Ruby Red and Royal Blue

If you like strong colors, then the ruby red and royal blue mix will be perfect. The dark shade of royal blue will be a strong contrast to the vibrancy of ruby red, a combo best suited for Zen spaces where the furniture and fixtures are statement pieces.

Blush and Pink

If pastels are your thing, these shades are great for condos as well. Just make sure you pick the right color choices. Your condo can have a soft, relaxing ambiance with the combination of coral pink, blush and peach for the accent pieces, furniture, and fixtures while the walls are in a light shade of white.


When choosing colors, you should use the Pantone color system to mix and match colors to achieve the best effects.

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