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With the constant rise in electricity and water bills, increasingly large numbers of people are looking forward for ways in which they can make their house a bit more energy-efficient without having to break their bank. Having a household means bearing a large amount of expenses and the more are the number of family members, the more will be your utility bills due to extra usage.

Have you been wondering about what steps to take in order to make your home energy-efficient? If answered yes and if you were looking for some such thrifty home improvement ideas, here are some that you may take into account.

  1. Install anything which has low flow

When you add low-flow fixtures, it will not only help you save water but you can even save a buck or two. The cheap and easily-installed fixtures for low flow of tap water can cut down consumption of water in your home by as much as 50% and can also help you save around $145 per year, as per a federal program, Energy Star with endorses energy-efficiency. You can get such tap heads for $20 at hardware stores.

  1. Insulate your house to keep yourself warm during winter and cool in summer

Yes, this is the best part of insulation that it keeps your house warm during winter and cold during summer. This way it reduces cooling and heating costs by around 20%, as per companies like Sydney Wide Hot Water, a company which specializes in home appliances and different energy-efficient products. You can easily choose a roll of insulation and pay only $15 from stores which specialize in home improvement.

  1. Try keeping a clean dishwasher

If you check properly, you will see that the modern dishwashers consume an average of 5.8 gallons of water in one cycle while there are some other models which can use around 10 gallons per cycle. As per what Energy Star says, you can save at least $8 in energy costs if you can make this upgrade. You may even repair your present dishwasher if it’s only a few years old. Check online to get more advice on maintaining your dishwashers.

  1. Install fluorescent light bulbs for saving electricity

Fluorescent bulbs usually last 4-10 times longer than the conventional light bulbs. You might find that their initial costs are pretty high but you will be rather surprised to see the huge amount of money that it will help you save on your energy bills. According to Energy Star, you can save up to $6 a year on energy bills.

  1. Add a tankless water heater

If it is possible for you budget-wise, you can add a tankless water heater as it will cut down at least 20% off your water bills. Such heaters last 8-10 years more than tank heaters and they never fall short of water. On top of that, you will get a government tax rebate if you buy such energy-efficient water heaters. Click here to know more on hot water services.

So, if you wish to make some thrifty home improvements, you may consider any of the above mentioned ones to appreciate your home’s value.

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