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As a landlord, there are many items that you’ll have to check off your list before renting out a property. Laws vary from state to state, but most require landlords to provide habitable living conditions that include working plumbing, safe conditions, and adequate heat.And it’s best to take care of any issues upfront rather than trying to work on things while someone lives there. It’s also beneficial for you to know about problems in advance in case there’s something that could worsen over time. Somethings can become dangerous to tenants or cause property damage if they’re not tended to early on. Whether you’re an experienced landlord or are renting out a property for the first time, here are the four main things to check.


Landlords are actually under no legal obligation to provide appliances. However, if you do, you’re probably responsible for them. That is, unless you specifically put a clause in your lease agreements that the tenant is responsible for appliance repair. But either way, if you have placed appliances on your property, you’ll at the very least want to make sure they don’t pose a safety hazard to your tenants. And if they aren’t working before they move in, you can make the decision of whether to replace or remove it. This way, when you show the property, they will know what appliances are included and which they’ll have to supply for themselves.

HVAC units

You are not legally required to provide air conditioning in most states, but you are required to provide adequate heat. However, if you do provide air conditioning, it is usually your responsibility to maintain it.You’ll want to check the safety of the unit, ensuring that all electrical or gas lines are intact and functioning properly. You’ll also want to check all the vents in the home to make sure they are not clogged or blocked. And always change the filters before someone new moves in. All units are a little different, but most require new filters every few months. This keeps the unit clean and running well.


Plumbing is one of the necessities you’ll have to provide as a landlord. But aside from that, any damage you don’t know about could cause much bigger problems down the road. For example, a renter may not report a leaky pipe, but left alone, this could cause water damage to the home’s structure. It could also lead to mold and corrosion issues, depending on where it’s located. While you’re doing your other checks, walk around the property and look for water damage. Check the faucets outside along with any pipes leading up to them. Check underneath your sinks for signs of excess water and mold. And do a quick scan of the ceilings and roof lines for water stains.Then, flush all the toilets and turn on any faucets to check for proper flow.If you notice any issues, you may have to hire someone to flush out your pipes with industrial drain cleaner to clean out your lines.

Electrical Faulty wiring or other electrical mishaps are responsible for more than 50,000 house fires every year. This makes it possibly the most important item to check before renting out a house. You can check the electricity yourself by turning lights on and off and looking for flickers or anything unusual in the process. But it’s also advisable to have an electrician inspect the wiring every few years to make sure it’s up to code. Just because the lights are working doesn’t always mean everything’s okay. If wiring is old,it can start to fray or loosen. And whether new or old, mice and other rodents can wreak havoc by chewing on electrical wires in walls.

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