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If your remodelling budget is limited, you should explore your options for financing all of your upgrades with a reputable supplier. If your order is above a set amount, you may qualify for financing with an interest rate that is very competitive. Before you begin your project, set your budget by deciding how much you can afford to spend, the amount you will need to finance, and the length of time that you want your financing programme to span. There are other criteria that you can use to determine if you can qualify for financing of your bathroom update so that you can shop for the stylish things that you need to give your bathroom a fresh, new look.

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  1. In order to apply for financing for shower cubicles, basins, toilets, and other bathroom fittings, you must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. You must be a resident of the UK and be able to provide the supplier with the history of your addresses for the past three years.
  3. As with most purchases made with financing, you must have a good credit rating and a credit history free of CCJs, IVAs, or bankruptcies.
  4. Another step in the qualification process requires documentary proof of regular employment of at least sixteen hours each week. This helps to demonstrate your ability to pay. Self-employed applicants and those with spouses who have regular jobs can also apply for financing programmes. If you are retired, you will need to show evidence of your pension.
  5. With reputable suppliers, like those at, your order typically needs to be in excess of£250 in order to select the finance option.
  6. After selecting the finance option you prefer, you will normally be guided through the online application process and receive the results of your application instantly if you are approved. With a reputable supplier you will be able to eSign the application form and make arrangements for your order to be delivered to your home address.
  7. If you are applying for financing, be sure to carefully check all of the service fees, interest rate and any other charges. These can significantly add to the total cost of your purchase. You may also want to explore your options for financing your purchase on a six-month plan. With this option you can buy now and pay later with a small service fee for the documentation involved. Be sure to clarify the amount of any advance payment required, the interest rate which applies, and whether you have the option to pay off the loan before the due date without having to pay any penalty charges. And as always, ask questions if you don’t understand any part of the financing programme or any fees associated with it.



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