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Gardens are often considered to be peaceful, tranquil areas of the home where you can enjoy the fresh air in private. One of the beautiful things about having your own garden space is the ability to create your own special space where you can sneak off and read a good book, watch the birds or simply sit surrounded by your own thoughts. There’s something magical about gardens and a popular style of garden design is the secret garden. Here are a few ideas on how you can create your own charming outdoor sanctuary that will enable you to relax and unwind.

The Impact of Landscaping

It’s often overlooked by many when it comes to the landscape of your garden, and when you think to create a theme or style people often turn to purchasing items to try and make it look better. Whilst accessorising is a really good way of creating the right look, with any garden design its key to start with landscaping. The way you choose to landscape your garden is down to personal preference, however there are some great ways in which you can really create a beautiful look that has a really strong impact on your garden. Introducing some shrubs to your garden will help to create a busier look, which is ideal for creating a secret feel. Having a number of different shrubs positioned neatly around your garden will create a really full look, you can then look at introducing features such as an arch for the entrance to your secret garden, a small footbridge made from palettes or even a charming garden path made from tiles or even stone. These simple yet effective features will add a beautifully elegant touch to your garden and create a special space for you to enjoy.

Beautiful Detailing

In order to get the most out of your garden and create a space where you can really relax and escape, you need to include some features that will help you to do so. Adding items such as a small bench, alongside a table will instantly create a small seating area where you can escape to read a book with a nice glass of fresh lemonade. Having this kind of area allows your garden to have its open, functional area, as well as a secret, secluded space that is private and quiet. Once you’ve created a smaller, private space in your garden that will enable you to escape, you can think about what kind of flowers and shrubs will help you to relax. Many people find flowers such as Lavender, Hydrangeas and Peonies very relaxing, as they’re beautiful as well as smell amazing. Combining all kinds of different flowers together will create a gorgeous look that will stand out and add a really aesthetically pleasing touch to your garden.

Finishing Touches

After creating a beautiful secret garden that looks enchanting you need to put a touch of personality and character into the design. You’re already close to having the perfect secret garden, but there are a few additions that will emphasise the atmosphere and make the outdoor area little more personal to you. Dependant on your interests, you can add items that reflect your personality, such as gnomes and ornaments if you’re a lover of fairy tales and magical creatures, a potting bench if you enjoy to get green fingered and want to be able to get some gardening done in your little corner of the garden, even adding items such as a bird table or feeder, as this will attract wildlife to your garden which will add to the relaxing atmosphere that is created. Having wildlife in your secret garden is a perfect way of relaxing, there’s nothing quite as soothing as the sound of bird song, watching the beautiful birds as they go about their days.

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