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The ideal thing, which is already sold to you in American movies, would be to have a room exclusively dedicated to the games of the little ones in the house, or for yours to be large enough to accommodate that space. But the reality is stubborn and makes these alternatives unfeasible in flats of 60-70 m2. How then to create a play area for children when in small houses?

play children space for home

“The first thing we must understand is that, in small houses, we cannot limit our children’s space to their room. The whole house, in an orderly manner, must have corners adapted for the little ones as they are within easy reach ”, We are going to divide these zones into:

  1. Order and storage

It should be the place where the toys are stored and arranged. We must not make the mistake of overloading the room with toys and furniture that end up overwhelming the little one. The room should stand out for its clean and simple design. The ideal is a cabinet with boxes and a top-shelf.order in storage

  1. Art and imagination area

“A table, a chair and a blackboard-finished wall where you can draw with chalk. It assumes that this place will always be something more disastrous and dirty,  but this is how creativity develops. Place a shelf against the board and store colors, plasticize, etc. ”here. Another possibility is to leave one of the rooms in your room or a column painted with chalkboard paint: it will not take up space and you will also be promoting that much-needed creativity.

  1. Costume and theater corner

Always have a trunk or a sofa with storage where you can store costumes and fabrics to create sets, puppets, and everything that helps us imagine characters and stories. The best theater is the space that leaves an open door for us. Get hooks and hang the stages from side to side. 

  1. Logic and math area

“We all have a large piece of furniture in the living room where the TV rests, books, etc. Find an area that is at its height and organize a small supermarket. A cash register to do addition and subtraction, boat-type objects, a weight, pretend foods. In this way, it fosters mental calculation and the understanding of the principle of science. Also reserve a space for puzzles and Lego-type construction games ”logical math area.

  1. Music corner

Place a hook in the hall and hang the instruments from it , as many as you want. You can touch them all over the house but you should know that when you finish your place is the one you have chosen in this regard.

  1. Plants and orchards

Whether you have a small terrace or the window sill is more than enough to buy a small greenhouse and plant plants together. You can see the evolution of each week and be interested in nature and the environment.

And the architect gives us one last piece of advice: “Of course, within our possibilities, it is essential that we use wooden toys with ecological paints that do not contain toxic solvents, made mainly based on vegetable oils. Avoid plastic as much as possible ”, he concludes.

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