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You’ve heard a lot about making your house eco-friendly, but you’re not sure how you should do it. Do you start by reducing your waste production, or should you focus on renewable energy? Here are three ways to start making your house more energy-efficient.

1. Invest in Solar Panels

Solar panels are structures that a company installs on your roof. When sunlight strikes them, they produce electricity without relying on fossil fuels. Not only are solar panels a great way to lessen your dependence on greenhouse-gas-causing fuels, but they’re also smart economically. Thanks to the solar investment tax credit, when you file your taxes, you get to deduct over a quarter of your solar expenses. To take advantage of the solar ITC New Jersey, upgrade your roof and look for solar providers.

2. Start Composting

If your family goes through multiple trash cans of garbage a week, it’s time to start composting. Purchase a composting container from your local hardware store or repurpose an old barrel or trash can. Then, put all of your fruit and vegetable scraps along with your eggshells, coffee grounds, and tea bags into it. At the end of the summer, add old leaves to help everything compost. Leave the mixture alone over the winter, and in the spring, you’ve got the perfect fertilizer for your garden.

3. Get Rid of Disposable Plastic

Disposable plastic items such as plastic bags and straws are very convenient, but they’re terrible for the planet. Not only are they impossible to recycle, but they also often pollute aquatic environments such as rivers and lakes. Make a pact with your family members to avoid all single-use plastics. Purchase reusable water bottles for everybody, and include a few backups in your car in case you forget yours. Use sturdy Tupperware containers or Mason jars instead of plastic bags, or purchase reusable fabric bags. Use fabric covers, wax paper, or foil, which is both reusable and recyclable, instead of cling wrap. These actions may seem overwhelming, and they do require you to reevaluate the way you live. However, soon they’ll be second nature.

Making your house more eco-friendly is a long process, and you can always do more to protect the environment. Choose one or two of these steps to implement first, and adjust to the extra work being environmentally conscious requires. Then, find more creative and drastic ways to lessen your carbon footprint.

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