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Designing a garden at home is like having an extra lung. Not only does it add an aesthetic value to your home, it causes a feeling of relief and relaxation when we are stressed. Also fill your corners with life and energy. Do you dare to design it.

And because it is not necessary to have a lot of space, in this post we show you  19 ideas of mini gardens perfect for small places. Choose the one you like most!

  1. Welcome!


Your garden can have different colors and this is an example.

  1. Indoors

indoors garden

This small garden is wonderful, since it will give a different air to the interior of your house and you can fill it with energy.

  1. Small and original

small garden

An excellent idea to create a mini garden in your home. You can play with the style you want.

  1. Vertical garden

vertical garden

The vertical garden is ideal for when you have little space at home, a great green proposal.

  1. Mini Zen garden

mini Zen garden

A mini garden, in Zen style, with different types of plants. Perfect for small spaces!

  1. Flowerpots and lots of charm

flowers pots

  1. For those who live in an apartment and have a small balcony, this idea is great to create your garden with a mini garden. In a corner

in a corner

This corner becomes an incredible corner with a piece of art and a mini garden with a pebble + wood floor.

  1. Inside a glass

inside glass.

Terrariums are a practical option for modern homes. They give the possibility of having a garden, literally, in miniature.

  1. Plants + stones

plants stone .

You can make an excellent combination of different sizes of stone to cover the garden floor. This idea shows you how to do it!

  1. In a hallway

in a hall way

Under the walls, you can literally have your own garden in the shape of a flowerbed.

  1. On the façade

on the façade

And what better place to place a  garden between stones than on your façade.

  1. On the balcony of the apartment

on the balcony

You can create your garden or hire a landscape architect to make your space more creative. After all, any item can be transformed into something new and reused.

  1. With pallets

with pallets

Another way to make your own indoor garden by reusing pallets. A vertical garden in a rustic style perfect for your flowers or to create a mini garden. An economical and ecological solution.

  1. Mini outdoor garden

mini outdoor garden

An excellent alternative is to use the elements that you have in your house. Get inspired by this idea!

  1. A space to relax

 a space to a relax

If you have a small balcony, then the suggestion is to make a mini planter with different species of flowers.

  1. Cactus: they do not fail


A solution that does not fail: cactus! You have to have them in your house!

  1. At the entrance


If you are looking to give your home a tropical touch, I added different sizes of palm trees.

  1. In the bathroom

in the bathroom

Gardens in the bathroom have become a trend because they transform the coldest areas.

  1. Near the ladder

near the ladder

Modern design has gained space. Near the staircase, this mini garden is a beauty.
Which mini garden idea did you like the most? Leave your opinion!

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