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Adding plants to any location on your property is a great way to brighten up the space and add more oxygen to the surrounding air. In fact, plants help people with cleaner air when there’s enough of them to efficiently transpire. Learn how to decorate with plants so that you have a more beautiful home with little upkeep.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Your first decision when adding plants to the home is whether they’ll be indoor or outdoor varieties. Each plant thrives in a specific location, from deep shade to full sunlight. Be sure to match a location to the plant species. Many plants are designated as “indoor” types if you want real foliage in a living room or hallway. Consider hardier plants for the outdoors. They must be able to withstand the changing seasons, especially if there’s snow involved.

In-Ground or Potted?

When you purchase your plants for an outdoor location, planting them in the ground is a typical plan. However, think about potting a few plants. The variegated ginger plant can have a spread of up to four feet. Curb its growth by adding it to a pot. You can easily trim the plant while it’s confined to the container. When you want a plant to populate a large area, in-ground locations are the best choices.

Water Considerations

If you live in a desert region, planting water-thirsty species isn’t cost-effective. You’ll end up watering the plants more often than not. Choose plants for the outdoors that can live on the rain that’s normal for the region. These species are often referred to as native plants. Follow the plant’s watering instructions if rain doesn’t fall on a regular basis. Remember that potted plants will always need more water than in-ground plantings.

From planting annuals to cultivating orchids, there are hundreds of plant species that can improve your home’s appearance. Consider which plants make you smile when you see them. Fill your home with these plants because they will create a better property value and quality of life for your family.

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