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A wheelchair lift is also called a platform lift or a vertical platform lift. It is completely a powered device designed to lift a wheelchair and its occupier in charge, to beat a step or a partially comparable vertical barrier.

Where to install wheelchair lifts?

Wheelchair lifts can be put in commercial premises or homes and they are even added to both public and private vehicles in order to assemble accessibility for the user.

These wheelchair lifts are mobility devices and they can be installed both at home and in working places. It works as an alternative to stair lift which helps in transporting the passenger to his/her wheelchair. Various business owners install this in their office buildings for their disabled employees and clients.

Most common type of wheelchair lifts:
There are different types of wheelchair lifts available in market. But the most common type of wheelchair lifts are stair and automobile wheelchair lifts.

Stair wheelchair lifts

These helpful lifts are designed to facilitate the disabled people to move up and down the stairs. This wheelchair lift functions very practically and because of this it is very popular. These stair wheelchair lift is a great option for the handicapped people who previously believed that it is impossible for them to move up and down the stairs without being assisted by another individual. Select the one that suits to your requirement as well as to your budget.

Automobile wheelchair lifts

Another common type of wheelchair lift is the automobile wheelchair lift. These wheelchair lifts are very helpful for handicapped people to travel from one place to another.

These lifts can easily fit into the vehicle and a handicapped individual does not face any problems in travelling.

And the wheelchair lifts used in vans is of swing type that can be adjusted to make room for an individual and also to ease the burden of transport and communication from one place to another,
particularly for patients and disabled people.

Varieties of Wheelchair lift

Wheelchair lifts come in two different varieties i.e. hydraulic and electric. Battery back-up is used in electric wheelchair lifts and in hydraulic wheelchair lifts there is no need of electricity and they can work even in case of power failure.

But, it is difficult to maintain the hydraulic wheelchair lifts because they require constant care. In comparison to electronic wheelchair, hydraulic wheel chairs are more expensive.

One of the best things about electronic wheelchair lifts is that they are more flexible and comes with endless applications.

Things to be considered on before buying wheel chair lifts

If you are thinking of buying wheelchair lifts then consider following things before purchasing. The lift that you are going to purchase should match your requirements like whether you need a stair wheelchair lift or an automobile lift or some other option.

Other than these two common types of wheelchair lifts, more types of lifts are also available. The next important thing that should consider is the variety of the wheelchair lifts which is the best for you and is within your budget.

How to find an ideal company to buy wheelchair lifts

It is a difficult task to find an organic company that deals in quality and trustworthy products. But, you can choose the one by checking its testimonials and customer reviews. Customer reviews are the perfect way to judge a company and its products.

Only an ideal company provides premium services and also has well past records of services. Generally, everyone likes to purchase from the company that has a list of numerous satisfied customers.

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