During the summer months, we start to remember the importance of being able to sit outdoors; it is such a lovely blissful experience after having been cooped up indoors for so long. However, for those of you who may be panicking that you haven’t catered for this eventuality or got any suitable outdoor furniture ready to use for the summer, do not fear as there are lots of ways to improvise with what you have already.

One of the most delightful experiences of having outdoor furniture is having the ability to dine alfresco – getting friends and families together is sometimes a rare occasion for all and it is best achieved with a good old fashioned BBQ on a pleasant summer’s day. A key piece of outdoor furniture needed for a great party is a beautiful set of outdoors table and chairs, it is a perfect addition for a relaxed summer party atmosphere. However, there is a huge amount of variety for outdoor furniture now available; such as adding some timber wood decking into a portion of your garden. A gardener’s tip is that this is an easy way cutting up the garden into segments, making it a lot more interesting than just a simple green piece of lawn only in your garden!

If you fancy making some furniture of your own or some outdoor wooden decking to help improve your garden’s character, there are lots of timber merchants out there who sell good quality pieces of wood to work with. A new piece of woodwork furniture being seen more often in people’s gardens is a bench with planters added on the ends, they are simple to make but look brilliant. The planters on the end mean that you can test out your gardening skills as well and see what you can grow! It’s just a lovely feature as it allows people to sit on the bench within the plants simultaneously, bringing you back down to nature.

Another easy-to-make wooden feature for your garden could be some wooden window boxes as these are simply designed. Yet they can also hold a lot of character when you fill them with flowers or even the herbs you use to cook with; which can then also create a delicious aroma for your garden as well.

Aside from building your own furniture from scratch, you can cheat a little bit by finding all the different uses for old wooden pallets which already have their structure in place. These are easy to get as you can pretty much find them in any gardening store, or even just at a local farm. But with a lick of paint and some arranging they can be turned into a charming feature to grow flowers for the kids, or even turned into a shabby chic styled table.

It is easy to get lost in the garden as to what to improve on when you have little or no experience but don’t be over phased, it’s a growing development!

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