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Relocation is always a big decision. You have to leave your neighbourhood and friends and move toyour new home, which makes it really difficult for everyone. But soon you grow on it and things get back to normal. You keep contact with your friends and they ask you about your new place, so you decide to send them a video in which you record your new house so that your friends can watch. But to their dismay, their computers could not run the video. What can you do? You can always convert the video to DVD so that they can watch it on their DVD player, but there are many software available in the market, which makes it difficult to decide which one to use. Well this article will help you to solve your problem by mentioning about a software that will be perfect, the Movavi Video Converter.

The Movavi Video Converter is an excellent software that is used to convert video formats. This video to DVD converter is truly an exceptional product as it provides support to a wide range of video formats that is popular all over the world. The user interface is the prime reason why this software is so famous. You will never find an easy to handle user interface in any other software. Each and every feature is very well displayed in the user interface, which makes it easy for even a novice user to get his work done.

So how will you convert the video to DVD? The solution is very simple. First open the application and click on “Add Video”. Choose the video and click on “Ok”. Now click on the “Convert to” to open the list of available formats. Click on “Video and audio” and open the “DVD-Compatible Video” where you can select the correct preset. Choose between the high, medium and low quality and then click on “Convert” to get your work done. Use the Superspeed mode which increases the speed of the work by 79 times and within a few minutes the videos will be converted into DVD. After the conversion you can burn the DVD files and send it to your friends.

Movavi Video Converter is a great software and it deserves all the accolades. Even though there are a lot of software which is capable of doing the same job, but none of them come near to the Movavi Video Converter.

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