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Space is indeed a great challenge for everyone who aspires to design an entire place. This is especially true for those who own a small apartment. You want to have a space that is as practical as possible but at the same time stylish and aesthetically appealing.
Maximising the furniture to be used, the seating possibilities and accessories while maintaining a spacious appeal could be quite tricky. Having knowledge of the kinds of furniture and accessories, their placement and limitations is crucial. Here are some tips on how to design a small apartment.

Make use of hidden storage
You can find furniture designed with extra storage. This is a good opportunity to hide all your things so that they are neatly tucked away. This will minimise the use of space inside your room. This also prevents cluttering the area. You can now have more beautiful furniture and at the same time a storage area for your stuff. A table with big drawers or a good cabinet with hidden storage areas would be great.

Use wallpaper
Wallpaper can do wonders. It smartly makes an illusion of filling an entire space with colour or pattern but not taking up horizontal space at all. It makes the place pop but doesn’t occupy additional space. It also makes the place look out of the ordinary.
Take advantage of vertical space
Your room might be small in terms of space but look up and consider the height available. Your walls may be high. This is a good opportunity to have more decorations since there is quite a lot of space available upwards. Hang some chandeliers and other decorations that could be placed on the ceiling.

Add a corner sofa bed
Since you are aiming for maximum furniture use without compromising space, add furniture that is minimal in size. A corner sofa bed is the best furniture to add to your apartment. These sofa beds have an elongated design and are placed in room corners giving more floor space for the rest of your furniture. This is the most practical furniture for your small apartment. During the day, you can just sit on it like a normal couch. At night, you can transform it into a bed. You don’t even have to buy a separate mattress anymore. This will do the job.

De-clutter the room
It helps if you opt for a more minimalistic appeal. Less is more. Try to get rid of things you don’t need. Display the items that are worth showing and hide the rest. Keep your room clean at all times. Sometimes, a perfectly cleaned apartment will look bigger and more visually pleasing.
It is indeed a challenge decorating a small apartment. However, if this is the only space you can afford, it is fine. There are ways to make the place look a lot bigger than it is.


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