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home repairOne of the biggest expenses in home repairs is the cost of labor. A job with a minimal amount of materials can end up costing 10x the price of hardware or some paint when you factor in the cost of labor. There’s also a certain level of pride that comes from DIY, but even the handiest of persons can benefit from bringing in a professional for certain jobs. There are times when doing it yourself is the best course, and there are times when it pays to bring in a professional. Read on to learn more.

Weighing the Benefits

There are three times when it’s a good idea to hire a contractor: when DIY could pose a threat to your safety, like when re-wiring your home or installing a gas line; when the job is too difficult or specialized for an untrained person to pull off, such as replacing a major system; and when hiring a professional will get the job done faster. There’s also a cost-benefit analysis to consider. When you add up the cost of materials to complete the job, and then factor in the difficulty and time involved, consider if it’s more cost-effective to have a team come in and do the work. For example, if you have a full-time job, and you can only do the work on the weekends, it doesn’t make sense to have your home in disarray for weeks at a time while you try to fit in home improvement project. Unless you take time off specifically to do the work, it may be better to save smaller jobs for DIY and have a construction crew come in to get major overhauls done in a matter of days.

Two more potential problems that are often overlooked are the need for permits and pricing. Jobs that require a building permit from the city where you reside may also have a stipulation about being performed by a licensed contractor. Contractors also get discounts for fixtures and materials that an ordinary citizen may not be able to access.

Whether your goal is to save money or you just want to take on a challenge, DIY home improvement can be satisfying. However, hiring professional house remodeling contrators may save money and hassle by eliminating common mistakes while giving you great results faster. You can find a qualified contractor by asking for a referral from a friend or relative who’s home you admire or by going through a local builder’s association to find a good fit for your budget and goals.

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