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Choosing a new wig is fun and exciting: it’s a wonderful way to instantly update and refresh your style, and the right wig is guaranteed to put a spring in your step. But if you don’t look after your wig properly, that big and bouncy new wig feel won’t last long. Wig maintenance is essential to ensuring your wig lasts as long as possible, and remains in top condition. Many of us know how to choose a new wig that will suit us perfectly, but don’t know how to look after our wigs as effectively as possible. If you love your hair it will love you back, and that means taking the time to wash it and keep it clean.

To help you maintain your wig, and ultimately lengthen it’s life span, here is our step-by-step guide to washing and conditioning your wig:

1. Start with the Right Supplies
As with any project, it’s important to start with the right tools. The main things you will need to wash your wig effectively are a towel, a wig stand, a wide tooth comb, and an appropriate shampoo or conditioner specifically formulated to suit your wig: the product best suited to your wig will depend on whether you are wearing a synthetic wig or a human hair wig. Choose your shampoo and conditioner carefully, taking into account that you will need something as delicate as possible to avoid stripping your wig of its colour or leaving it feeling brittle and rough. Although they may be a little more experience, a specialist wig shampoo and conditioner is well worth the investment, and will ultimately save you money in the long run.

2. Detangle your Wig
Your wig will be much easier to wash and dry if it is in good condition and all the strands are facing the right direction. To do this, you should detangle your wig before you begin to wash it. Take a wide tooth comb and very gently run it through your wig. If you come across any knots or tangles pull them out gently: don’t pull too hard or your could loosen the fibres of your wig, causing permanent damage. This process may be time consuming, but it will make it much easier and faster to properly wash and clean your wig.

3. Rinse and Shampoo your Wig
Now it’s time to add water! The next step is to rinse and shampoo your wig. Start by using lukewarm water to rinse your wig thoroughly from root to tip: this will remove any build up, environmental dirt, grime and debris. Don’t soak or rub your wig, as this could cause it to tangle; instead simply let the water flow through it freely. If you have a curly wig then rinsing it whilst it’s inside a hairnet might offer extra protection. The process of shampooing your wig is very similar to the process of rinsing it: run shampoo through the wig with your fingers and then remove the shampoo with lukewarm running water. Wash the cap of your wig in gentle circular motions to ensure that it is cleaned of any oils and dirt from your scalp.

4. Careful Conditioning
Conditioning your hair is important for ensuring that it remains soft and glossy. However, unlike when you condition your own hair, you should only condition your wig from the mid length to the ends. Avoid conditioning the roots, as this will leave your wig feeling greasy and heavy, and could prevent you from styling it properly. Once you have applied the conditioner, only leave it on your wig from a minute or two before you start the rinsing process. Your wig is now clean and ready to dry!

5. Drying Your Wig
Drying your wig is both the most important and time-consuming part of the process. Airdry your wig on its wig stand, parting the hair with your wide tooth comb before it dries fully. If you are wearing a human hair wig then it can be heat dried if you’re in a rush, but this should only be dried with heat until it is around 60% dry: leave the rest to dry naturally to avoid the risk of damaging your hair. Continue combing out any knots as your hair dries, leaving you with a wig that looks brand new and as great as ever!

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